CG002 fingerprint recognition password door lock, with password keyboard keyless entry door handle, with graffiti app, suitable for bedrooms, family hotels, office apartments, black

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  • Brand: K&F Concept
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  • * Large area fingerprint sensor: The fingerprint door lock has been upgraded. The resolution of the large area fingerprint sensor is 160 * 160, which increases the area by 35% compared to ordinary fingerprint sensors and ensures accurate and stable recognition;
  • * Three unlocking modes: The fingerprint bedroom door lock supports three unlocking modes: fingerprint, anti privacy virtual password, and mechanical key. It can add 100 fingerprints and 50 sets of passwords, with a fingerprint recognition rate of up to 99%, and can be opened in just 1 second;
  • * Virtual password anti peeping: Adopting virtual password anti peeping technology, providing a more secure password input experience. Effectively preventing others from stealing passwords by peeking at the screen not only protects users' personal privacy, but also improves password security, allowing users to enjoy a higher level of home security;
  • * Emergency dual safety: The keyboard door handle requires 4 AAA batteries (not included), has a low battery alarm function, and is equipped with a USB port for emergency charging. When the battery is out of charge, the key can be used to unlock it;
  • * Smart app unlocking: You can use your phone to unlock, or set a temporary password and share it with friends, visitors, or butlers. This door lock is perfect for homes, hotels, schools, and garages. Supports iOS and Android devices. Whoever comes and goes will be recorded and transferred, while automatic locking and access mode settings will bring safety and convenience to your life.
&FREE Shipping to Canada
Home/office/apartment/home stay facility
Large area fingerprint sensor fast identifcation
  • The fingerprint sensor resolution Is 160*160 Quickly identity
  • Fingerprints have a wide range A more accurate
APP smart control
Control your locks via Bluetooth
100 fingerprints 50 passwords are widely used in various places
  • Unique double Settings button
  • Convenient operation
  • Specification
    Product model CG002 Graffiti APP Version
    Fingerprint head type Semiconductor fingerprint collector
    Fake admission rate <0.001%
    Rejection rate <1%
    Sensor pixels 160x160
    Fingerprint resolution 508DPI
    User capacity 100 fingerprints/50 sets of passwords
    Unlock method Fingerprint/Key/Password
    Unlock time <1.5 seconds
    working temperature -20-70 ℃
    Voltage range 4-6 V
    Low battery alarm 4v
    Working current < 250MA
    Standby current ≤ 30UA
    Door opening direction Left and right universal
    Power supply method 4 No. 7 batteries for the rear handle
    Emergency power supply USB
    Packaging size 25.8 * 18.3 * 7.6cm
    Packaging weight 1.09kg
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    The password and fingerprint information of smart door locks are mostly encrypted and stored to ensure security. But please ensure that the door lock you choose has strong security performance and regularly change the password to protect the safety of your door lock usage. 
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    If the smart door lock malfunctions, you can first try replacing the battery or resetting the door lock. 
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    Regardless of direction, the left and right doors can be installed and applied at will. 
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    You can set up 100 fingerprints and 50 sets of passwords. 
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    The door lock is designed with a USB interface for emergency charging and can also be unlocked with a key. 
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