• - 1. Equipped with a professional desktop tripod bracket and mobile phone holder, convenient for the mobile phone to directly fix the recording;
  • - 2. The desktop triangle is directly equipped with a 1/4-inch interface, which can be connected to the pan/tilt at any time or directly clip and take pictures;
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  • - The real-time monitoring function on the receiver, plug in headphones to monitor and check, so as to complete the recording at one time, professional,convenient
  • - Equipped with a standard TRRS and TRRS interface conversion line, supporting the link between SLR cameras and digital cameras; equipped with a standard 3.5mm and TRRS interface conversion line, supporting the receiver to be compatible with Android smart phones, laptops, and DV.
  • - Support real-time monitoring :you can test whether it is working normally during recording. Brings you more professional and convenient recording. you can use earphone to monitor from microphone directly instead from camera
  • - With dual-channel UHF wireless receiving technology, two transmitter can be connected at the same time;Up to 100 wireless frequency is available; 50 signal channels can work at the same time.
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  • - This microphone is suitable for professional photography, video recording, news coverage, lectures and other occasions; Wireless transmission distance (without obstacles) can reach up to 70 meters.
  • - Lightweight,the receiver and transmitter are both only 85g, easy to carry and wear on the body.
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  • - High-density spray sponge, high-sensitivity microphone, 360° no dead angle radio, fast response, fine radio, reduce the interference of the surrounding environment, and record every detail of the sound;
  • - High-performance wireless microphone, stable signal, obstacle-free distance of more than 20 meters, unlimited free recording; built-in noise reduction chip, strong anti-interference ability, effectively identify the original sound, and can still record clearly in noisy environments;
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  • - Using high-density copper antenna, wide communication coverage and strong penetrating power
  • - Independent chip CTCSS digital encryption technology and DCS audio encryption technology effectively prevent interference and cross-frequency
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  • - 128 storage channels; 50 CTCSS / 105 DCS; hands-free VOX mode; A/B band independent operation; busy channel lock; automatic keyboard lock.
  • - Built-in high-brightness LED can be used as a flashlight or alarm system in emergency situations
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