• - 【24/7 Recording and Security】Unlike other common wifi security cameras that only record when motion is detected, K&F wifi solar camera records 24/7 and never stops (SD storage mode) because it is equipped with a 20W solar panel And a built-in battery of up to 30000mAh, giving you peace of mind recording all the things that might be important to your investigation. (SD card storage 24/7 recording; cloud storage recording when motion is detected)
  • - 【2K HD Video & Color Night Vision】This solar security camera provides excellent night vision up to 12 meters through 6 infrared LEDs. Enjoy colorful night vision even on dark nights and light your way home with bright LED spotlights, this PTZ camera supports 355° pan, 100° tilt and 4x zoom for 360° coverage and allows you to view any corner you want to monitor.
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  • - [2K HD Image and 8x Digital Zoom]- This IP home security camera supports 2K pixels (2304x1296P), which is clearer than 1080P, bringing you a high-definition visual feast. Our camera's upgraded 8x digital zoom allows you to see super-sharp details compared to the normal 4x zoom. With just one surveillance camera, you can easily observe your home's indoor/outdoor, entrance, front door and even yard, etc. through the APP remote control
  • - [355° Pan, 120° Tilt and 3 LED Lights] - With the excellent pan/tilt function (355° Pan and 108° Tilt instead of the normal 90°), this PTZ outdoor security camera will monitor a wider range of Zone, you can check any corner around your home. What's more, this wireless surveillance camera is equipped with 3 infrared LEDs and spotlights, providing infrared night vision, color night vision (up to 20m) and alarm night vision.
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  • - 【One camera for two uses, the most advanced camera】 1 motion 1 static two solar cameras in one, while on the APP (Niview) to present two can be separately controlled screen, save the trouble of installing two separate solar cameras, 10 times optical zoom, 355 ° 90 ° rotation function, provide ultra-wide and ultra-long field of view monitoring function, the farthest can see 200 meters distance, very suitable for garden , villas, parking lots, shopping centers, warehouses and other places that need to upgrade monitoring.
  • - 【Automatic tracking + PIR trigger alarm】 comes with a powerful AI function, when detecting the presence of people, the solar camera can automatically track the human body movement shooting, and timely send alert information to your phone, so you do not miss any suspicious unwanted visitors, you can talk to the visitors in front of the solar camera through the APP (Niview) in both directions, you can also set the sound and light alarm to drive away Intruder.
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C$583.66 C$486.39
  • - 【K&F Concept Solar Security Camera】This 100% Wireless Installation wireless security camera with a solar panel and built-in 9000 mAh rechargeable battery can work for 370 days indoors or outdoors. It uses a low-power chip, which consumes very little power, keeping charging even on cloudy days.
  • - 【2K Color 3MP & Night Vision】Capture every event that happens under the camera in ultra-sharp 2K resolution. Our outdoor security camera system has an advanced HD resolution of 2304*1926, equipped with 2 infrared LEDs and infrared lights, night vision outdoor camera wireless ensures you sharp images up to 25m/82ft even in the pitch dark.
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Solar Wireless Security Camera 1080P with Audio and Light Alarm Outdoor Home Security Camera Color Night Vision 14400mAh Built-in Battery (Black)
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  • - 【100% Wire-Free & Non-stop Power】: K&F Concept Solar Powered security camera can only run on 2.4 GHz WiFi (
  • - 【Full HD 2K & Color Night Vision】: Capture everything that's happening around your home in crisp 2K resolution. The floodlight of the outdoor camera wireless will light up when humanoid motion detection is triggered at night to scare off intruders.
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Security Camera Outdoor, Solar Wireless WiFi 360° PTZ Camera with 9000Mah Battery with  2-Way Audio, 1080P Night Vision, Motion Detection
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  • - 【Pan/Tilt 360°View & True 1080P FHD】The outdoor security camera can rotate the head at 355° horizontally and 120° vertically, allowing you to monitor your property 360° on the App without blind spots. Our wireless outdoor security camera adopts 1080P FHD resolution (1920*1080), which can provide you with clear and clear video so that you can remotely watch it in real-time through APP.
  • - 【Non-Stop Solar Power Supply & 9000mAh Built-in Battery - 100% Wireless】This solar security camera is equipped with a long-lasting 9000mAh rechargeable battery and a high-efficiency solar panel, which can run on uninterrupted power. Eliminates the trouble of power cord and wiring, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the setup. (The wireless camera only supports 2.4GHz WIFI)
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  • - 【100% Wire-Free & Non-stop Power】This solar-powered wireless security camera features wire-free power. With a built-in 14400mAh battery and efficient solar power, the security camera features an extremely long standby time of up to 6 months. The surveillance camera runs on 2.4 GHz WiFi and stays fully charged with Solar Panel which realizes 100% wire-free security. Built-in 14400mAh 21700 battery, so you only need to connect the PTZ security camera to a WiFi network on the app, next you can remotely monitor your house via app.
  • - 【Tilt Pan & PIR Motion Detection】K&F Concept surveillance camera's smart design enables it to rotate without obstacles, horizontally rotated 355°, vertical 120°, can achieve a wide panoramic field of vision, monitoring without blind spots, no dead angle panoramic shooting. Offer a full protection for your sweet home. The smart home security camera is equipped with a smart PIR motion detection chip. No false alarm. Optional setting of 5-10 meters to quickly identify the human body, reduce false alarms caused by rain, insects, animals, etc., and common batteries The camera can only send alarm notifications on the mobile phone.
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  • - The latest version of Wi-Fi mini camera in 2022: This mini camera A9 is the latest small-size wide-angle Wi-Fi camera with a built-in magnet. Thanks to the 1080P and 150-degree wide-angle lens, the mini camera can capture details clearly, allowing you to have a broader view of everything happening in the room. The compact design makes it easy to hide in any place such as home or office;
  • - All-in-one wireless mini camera: Although the camera is small, it has all the functions needed for a Wifi mini camera: 150° wide-angle, built-in magnet, 1080P real-time video, action activated push alert, night vision, recording while charging, playback/ Snapshot/remote recording, iOS and Android compatibility, SD card recording, free application, one application with multiple cameras, one camera with multiple users, etc.;
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WIFI Solar Security Camera System PIR human sensor + 2-Way Audio Built-in Battery 9600mAh AI Human Detection 2K Infrared Night Vision 8m/26ft (Black)
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  • - 【2K HD WiFi Camera, See Every Detail】 2K HD resolution, full color night vision up to 8m, can capture more details, the head rotates 355° horizontally and 120° vertically, panoramic surveillance without blind spots.
  • - 【Solar power and Quick installation】no need to lay wires, you can quickly install the product in more places outdoors, solar energy and batteries will continue to provide power for the product, do not worry about power outages, very convenient! The best choice to save time! Connect to the "K&F Cam" APP via wifi, you can operate and control the monitoring remotely.
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C$559.99 C$139.99
  • - 【5MP UHD & Color/IR Night Vision】The 5MP UHD resolution ensures that crucial details, such as faces and license plate numbers, are clearly visible in surveillance footage both day and night. Paired with color night vision and infrared night vision features, the security cameras wireless outdoor can detect suspicious individuals and provide a colorful surveillance display, vividly presenting the details you want to see even in dark conditions without ambient lighting.
  • - 【Solar Powered & Rechargeable Battery & 100% Wireless】Solar energy and rechargeable batteries ensure seamless operation even in overcast or nighttime conditions without sunlight. Rechargeable batteries serve as a backup power source once the stored solar energy is depleted. The 100% wireless design is specifically tailored for outdoor use, eliminating issues such as tangled wires or a lack of power outlets.
C$122.86 C$104.99
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