• - 【Built for Fishing Enthusiasts】 - If you're a fishing enthusiast, our LIMINK F431 Fishing cm is just what you need! Featuring 6 high resolution mini cameras and an HD 720P screen LCD, it shows your live fish activity in absolute clarity. Our images are sharper and more colourful than most on the market, giving you a more realistic view of the underwater world!
  • - 【Multifunctional display】 - This portable underwater fish camera with 4.3" screen can be used for video recording, live monitoring of farmed creatures, viewing videos and pictures, and more. With it, you can record amazing fish bites and share lazy moments with family and friends. News: Our F431 fishing camera with barometric display - it will help you fish more professionally
C$921.60 C$768.00
  • - 【Professional Angler】This angler camera includes 2 parts: underwater camera and HD LCD monitor, it is a good companion for those who like sea or ice fishing, this machine can help you monitor fish and observe underwater terrain, you can clearly see if the fish are biting or not.
  • - 【Multifunctional LCD Monitor】Portable high resolution LCD fish monitor with sun visor and high bright LED backlight for use in sunlight, HD 7 inch LCD monitor with various functions such as: 4x digital zoom, low battery alert, control IR light on/off.
C$691.20 C$203.99
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