• - 【Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature】The LED video light has 3 different color modes: cool light, natural light, warm light, the color temperature is adjustable from 2500K-9000K; 11 brightness levels can be adjusted to provide the ample light you want. You can easily change it with a switch to achieve the ideal lighting, perfect for your skin and more suitable for your environment;
  • - [1/4" screw adjustable position] There are two positions on the back of the video light for you to install the 1/4" screw, there are two mounting accessories, a small tripod and an adjustable clip, you can install according to different Lighting, lighting, etc. are required;
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  • - Adjustable color temperature and brightness: built-in 120 lamp beads, frosted lampshade, the light is soft and does not hurt the eyes, there are 3 color temperature modes: warm yellow, warm white, cool white, the adjustable range is 3000K to 6500K. Each lighting mode has 10 different brightness levels. It can meet your different lighting needs in different occasions and help you see your best self;
  • - Protect your computer screen: No strong fixation is required, just a light clip, the surface of the mounting frame is pasted with a non-slip pad, which can protect your computer screen from being scratched while being effectively fixed and not slipping off;
Dual color temperature LED square pocket fill light, portable studio fill light, CRI90+, dimmable 2400K-6400K, 3100mAh rechargeable battery, suitable for YouTube video, Vlog or TikTok shooting fill light
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  • - 【180 CRI90+ LED lamp beads and soft light board】The video light adopts 180 high-quality CRI up to 90+ lamp beads, and the maximum brightness is up to 900Lm (2400K-6400K), which can restore the color more realistically. The soft light panel design makes the fill light softer and less dazzling, and provides wonderful lighting effects at an affordable price;
  • - 【3-color mode adjustable】Built-in 90 warm white lamp beads and 90 cool white lamp beads, color temperature 2400K-6400K. Warm light, natural light and cold light can be quickly adjusted by the scroll wheel according to the change of the application scene;
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C$57.99 C$44.99
Underwater LED light waterproof diving photography fill light, IP8X waterproof, 60M underwater camera LED fill light, white red blue light camera fill light
NEW Arrival
  • - [60m waterproof] IPX8 waterproof, silicone waterproof ring, waterproof tight screw, built-in 1CM thick waterproof glass, create excellent waterproof effect, waterproof depth can reach 60m/197 feet;
  • - [Multi-mode switching] A variety of lighting modes are suitable for different scenes, white light: strong light - weak light - flashing, two-color light: red light - blue light. It can meet your lighting needs in different occasions. The use of high-brightness LED patches has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and power saving, with minimal light loss and better light efficiency;
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V02 Mic Light, 2 in 1 LED Camera Fill Light with Dual Stereo Mic , 360° Full Colour Photo Light, 4000mAh Rechargeable, CRI 95+, 2500-9000K, Dimmable Panel Fill Light
NEW Arrival
  • - High brightness lamp beads, HSV full colour adjustment: colour rendering index >95, 0-359 colours for quick selection, brightness adjustable from 0% to 100%; colour temperature dimmable from 2500K (warm) to 9000K (cool), 24 light effect scenario modes for rich film scene creativity.LED display to help you adjust the required parameters.
  • - 3D stereo radio: A+ grade condenser microphone, recording and resolving audio at a high level to provide high fidelity sound, dual microphone design, also supports 180° angle rotation for multi-angle stereo sound, as well as front and rear bi-directional sound pick-up effects.
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C$115.18 C$95.99
  • - [Hue, saturation, brightness, color temperature adjustable] Hue can be adjusted within the range of 0 degrees -359 degrees; color saturation can be adjusted between 0%-100%; brightness can be adjusted from 0%-100%; color temperature Dimmable from 2500K (warm color) to 8500K (cool color), the built-in LCD display can provide accurate readings, allowing you to work more effectively
  • - [Product Features] CRI≥97, TLCI≥97, built-in 7.4V 3200mAh rechargeable battery, USB Type-C charging port, can be fully charged within 2.5 hours, and provide 150 minutes of working time under 100% brightness, working time When the brightness is below 100%, it should exceed 150 minutes.
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  • - 73 high-efficiency lamp beads, the illumination angle is 120°, the color rendering index is greater than 95, the color saturation can be adjusted between 0% and 100%; the brightness is adjustable from 0% to 100%; the color temperature is from 2500K (warm color) to 9000K (cool color) dimmable, LED display, battery level is clear at a glance
  • - Three modes: in CCT mode, the adjustable color temperature range is 2500-9000k, and the adjustable brightness range is 0-100%; in RGB mode, the adjustable color temperature range is 0-360°, and the adjustable brightness range is 0-100%; special effect mode You can switch the current special effects, a total of 20 kinds, the adjustable brightness range is 0-100%.
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Cool and warm two-color stabilizer mini portable magnetic fill light, suitable for DJI, Zhiyun, Feiyu stabilizers
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  • - Cool and warm brightness is adjustable: the matte soft light panel is used, and the beauty is not dazzling. Adjust the cold and warm light effects according to the needs of different scenarios, 10 levels of brightness, 8 levels of cold and warm, adjust at will, to meet the needs of fill light in different application scenarios;
  • - Strong battery life: built-in 500mah rechargeable battery, Type-c interface, can achieve fast charging, whether it is taking pictures, video recording, live broadcast, VLOG, can meet your long-term lighting needs;
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  • - High brightness lamp beads, HSV full colour adjustment: built-in 54PCS RGB lamp beads, 100pcs warm and cold lamp beads, 120° luminous angle, colour rendering index >95, 0-359 colours for quick selection, brightness adjustable from 0% to 100%; colour temperature dimmable from 2500K (warm) to 9000K (cold), 24 light effect scenario modes, rich film scene creativity. led display, which helps you to adjust the desired parameters.
  • - Multi-angle stereo sound: A+ grade condenser microphone, recording and resolving audio at a high level to provide high fidelity sound, in addition the microphone supports 180° angle rotation for multi-angle stereo sound, as well as front and rear bi-directional sound pick-up.
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C$47.60 C$39.67
Handheld Light Stick, 3000K-6000K Dual Color Temperature, 2000MAH Rechargeable Battery, RGB Led Video Light Stick, Stepless Dimming Tube Light
NEW Arrival
  • - Large-capacity, rechargeable battery - built-in 2600mah large-capacity battery, supports PD fast charging, charging for 40 minutes, and the battery life is up to 90 minutes. Perfect for outdoor photo light, indoor fill light, selfie, vlog, still life, party mood light, portrait, ambient shooting, wedding art, advertising photography and youtube video, shooting video;
  • - Built-in LED driver chip - The built-in LED driver chip allows you to shoot without ripples and stroboscopic phenomena, especially suitable for creating a stereo light effect in a small space for wide-angle fill light;
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  • - 【9 levels of brightness and 3 light effects】Built-in 136 LED beads with 3 light effects (cold light, warm light, cold and warm light) and 9 levels of dimmable light brightness.3D nano lampshade technology provides more delicate and wider light to protect your eyes from fatigue, while the ring light foldable design can meet your up and down front and rear multi-angle lighting needs.
  • - The height of the ring light can be extended from 10 inches to 76 inches, the high quality zinc alloy tripod has a small footprint, short enough to fit in a small box and high enough to meet the needs of all heights. No installation, quick deployment, goodbye to fuss, perfect for ring light or desk lamp holder.
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C$107.50 C$93.99
  • - 【Rechargeable Ring Light】Built-in 1000mAh battery, can shoot wirelessly for 3-12 hours for a long time when fully charged. Powered by battery, you can take it with you and enjoy its bright fill light function without any limitation;
  • - 【Dimmable Ring Light】Unique mini box-shaped ring light with 3 color lighting modes: warm light (2800-3200K), cool white (5000-5500K), equipped with 100 energy-saving LED lamp beads, delicate light feeling , 7 lighting modes, cool and warm light effects, three-dimensional fill light, the remote control can easily adjust the brightness, and fully show your beauty;
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X18 Outdoor camping light, LED multifunctional Bluetooth audio flame ambient light, 8000mah rechargeable battery, camping portable tent light with high beam torch, flame light effect, can be used as emergency power supply, suitable for power outage, emerg
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  • - Spotlight mode torch: with a strong, long-range light, multi-position adjustment, can be used to cope with different natural environments, whether it is walking lighting, outdoor search, camping tent internal lighting, distress signals in crisis situations, etc., the torch can easily handle.
  • - Wireless speaker: not only a camping light, but also a wireless speaker. 360° acoustic structure design, high quality wireless audio link, free Bluetooth connection for mobile phones within 5 metres, you can hear the wonderful surround sound no matter where you put it. Providing lighting for your outdoor camping while enjoying the joy of music.
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C$141.30 C$117.75
X19 camping light, rechargeable retro metal camping light, battery operated hanging candle light, portable waterproof outdoor tent light bulb, suitable for power outages, emergency lighting, outdoor camping White
NEW Arrival
  • - Three light colour modes & infinitely dimmable: white, yellow and warm light, three levels of free switching adjustment. Rotating infinitely dimmable, the light intensity, free control, different colour temperature and brightness, to meet different scenes, use more sense of atmosphere.
  • - Highly transparent soft light shade: selected optical soft light shade, providing a more diffuse light, illuminating every square foot of the surrounding area, up to 20 feet in all directions. Bright but not harsh, the light is soft for greater comfort and eye protection.
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C$62.96 C$52.47
Camping fan with LED light, three wind speeds, 8000mAh rechargeable battery powered tent fan with detachable LED light and hook, infinitely dimmable, two-tone light, with tripod, suitable for outdoor camping, tenting, RV travel, fishing, hurricanes, emerg
NEW Arrival
  • - Detachable design: the camping fan light can be detached into a camping light, tripod and fan, both the fan and light have their own separate connections and can be powered up separately for use, very easy to carry and store.
  • - Camping fan with hooks & versatile placement: the camping fan light has hooks for hanging it from a tent, tree branch or car, for both cooling and lighting. Also comes with a sturdy tripod and is fitted with non-slip soft plastic under the feet, so it can also simply be placed on a table at home or in the office. Lightweight, handy, mini size making it easy to carry or store.
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C$182.77 C$152.31
  • - 【Dual color temperature】The 4-inch LED video conference light adopts 48 LED light beads, including 24 white light beads and 24 yellow light beads, the illumination angle is 120°, and it can provide 3 different light colors (cool white/warm white/ nature).
  • - [Supports stepless dimming] At the same time, it can also be adjusted to stepless dimming, CRI≥95, color temperature range 3200k-6500k, no shadow, no glare, to meet your various needs, it is your daily life video call, online conference, remote Excellent choice for study;
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  • - [Folding Lampshade Design ]Folding 4-leaf design with 4 90° adjustable angle light leaves, allowing the light direction to be changed at will to avoid looking directly at or affecting others, while allowing the hanging light to shine more widely and illuminate a larger area.
  • - [4 light modes ]The camping light has 4 light modes, warm warm light, soft cool white light, long range cool white light or flashing red light. Dual effect mode: torch light, illumination light, quick and easy to switch between. Free choice for different environments, ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing or late night porch lighting.
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C$89.07 C$129.99
  • - There are 3 color lighting modes, white light, warm light and mixed color light. The camera light provides 23 white light lamp beads and 23 warm light lamp beads, which can be quickly adjusted by the scroll wheel according to the change of the application scene;
  • - Brightness 0%-100% dimmable; color temperature adjustable (2000K-5000K); light-emitting angle: 120°; light distance: 2-5 meters, suitable for makeup, online meetings, Zoom Call, online courses, TikTok, live broadcast or YouTube video;
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  • - Two-way lighting & dual colour temperature: front light with a total of 48*2 wicks, high-definition lighting, even light. Rear light about 24lm/㎡, soft light, reduce eyeglass fatigue. Innovative front and rear double-sided light design, no dark corners at the front and rear, supports dual colour temperature switching, different environments render different atmospheres, adding a mood to camping.
  • - Three levels of brightness adjustment: the choice of material mask with high light transmission rate, softer light and clearer light transmission. Independent button control for front and rear lights, clear operation, three levels of brightness can be adjusted, according to the needs of indoor and outdoor environment, brightness control at any time.
C$73.71 C$99.99
  • - High brightness light beads: Built-in 40pcs high brightness LED light beads, colour rendering index more than 95, brightness three levels can be adjusted, control light and dark at will. Also equipped with 8 different colours of colour temperature film, a variety of colours at will control, easy to meet your different fill light requirements, take you to appreciate the beauty of the deep sea, more convenient to use.
  • - Powerful battery life: built-in 2500mah high-capacity battery, about 2.5h can be fully charged, the first brightness lasts about 120 minutes, the second brightness lasts about 200 minutes, the third brightness lasts about 300 minutes.
C$44.53 C$37.11
Underwater Diving Light, High Power Dimmable Waterproof Led Video Fill Light, Suitable for Hero 8 7 6 5 5S 4 4S 3+/3/2 Sjcam/Xiaoyi Action Cameras Etc.
NEW Arrival
  • - 【3 lighting modes】 There are three modes: single light mode, double light mode, full light mode, and two modes of high brightness and low brightness to provide different lighting needs in different environments;
  • - 【30M Waterproof Camera Diving Fill Light】Underwater LED video light, with strong sealing, can support 30m/98.4 feet deep water operation. You can take the photos and videos you want under the sea to bring you the perfect visual effect. Besides diving and snorkeling, it is also suitable for camping, cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. Made of stainless steel and super durable PC material, it will not rust even when used in the deep sea;
  • - 3 color temperatures, stepless dimming: built-in 31 high-brightness lamp beads, 1-100 stepless dimming, 5000-6000k color temperature, whether it is photography, video recording or e-commerce live broadcast, can meet your lighting needs;
  • - Color rendering: The color rendering index is more than 95%, the color accuracy is high, and the reducibility is good, the picture and video shooting are more natural and eye-catching, and the professional soft light board is used, the soft light is not dazzling, and the photo is more moving;
  • - 【Simple Gimbal Stabilizer】Using high-precision single-axis motor, super anti-shake, allowing you to create high-quality videos and animations whether you are exercising indoors or outdoors. The gimbal stabilizer can be used continuously for up to 2-3 hours, suitable for family gathering and friends gathering, traveling, hiking, traveling, camping, sports activities;
  • - 【Anti-shake selfie gimbal】Built-in powerful motion gyroscope, using advanced camera stabilization algorithm, can improve the video shooting effect of mobile phone and keep it stable without shaking. 360° automatic rotation, can always maintain a horizontal state, solve the problem of hand shake when shooting, no longer have to worry about blurred photos, and output high-quality video;
  • - 【3 Light Colors and 10 Different Brightness Levels】66 high-quality lamp beads, long lifespan, high brightness, and low energy consumption. There are 3 lighting modes: warm light, cool light and cool and warm light, each lighting mode has 10 adjustable brightness levels to choose from, which is convenient for you to adjust the mode and brightness to meet the lighting needs of different occasions;
  • - 【360° Rotation and Adjustable Height】The stand is designed with a telescopic rod, the surface is matte texture, not only non-slip but also not easy to scratch, the height can be adjusted from 16 inches to 23 inches, and the angle can be adjusted by 360° up and down rotation, creating an ideal for you video shooting angle;
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