• - 【HIGH-PRECISION 3-IN-1 CO DETECTOR】The portable 3-in-1 carbon monoxide detector can monitor the current CO concentration, temperature and humidity in the air in real time. Equipped with a high-precision sensor, the detectable CO concentration range is 0~500PPM, the temperature range is 32~122℉ (±2.7℉) / 0~50℃ (±1.5℃), and the humidity range is 20~80%RH (±5%RH). The data is accurate without delay, and real-time monitoring allows you to know the air quality of the environment at any time.
  • - 【3 LIGHT INDICATIONS & CUSTOM ALARM VALUES】The carbon monoxide alarm can present 3-stage light indications according to the CO concentration in the air. 0~49ppm (green area flashing=safe), 50~99ppm (yellow area flashing=warning), 100~500ppm (red red area flashing=danger). By default, the CO alarm will sound an alarm when it reaches 50PPM. You can double-click the function key to customize the CO concentration alarm threshold.
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Carbon Monoxide Detectors Portable Temperature Detector/Humidity Sensor/Air Quality Meter Smoke CO Gas Monitor [3 in 1] Alarm for Home Bedroom Office in-car Camping Indoor Outdoor
20% OFF
  • - 【Electrochemistry working method & 3 in 1 function】Our carbon monoxide detector is based on the principle ofElectrochemistry, to detect carbon monoxide in the air, capture the weak current generated by electrochemical reaction, detect the concentration of carbon monoxide accurately and quickly by every 2 seconds actual time. . This multi-functional CO detector integrated CO / Temperature / Humidity detection functions,we can see the gas ambient level is good or not actual time.
  • - 【Accurate measuring range】CO measuring range: 0 - 500 ppm; Humidity measuring range: 20% ~ 80% RH; Temperature measuring range: 14℉ to 104 ℉(-10℃ to 40℃). Large Color 2.2'' circular HD display with value of carbon monoxide / humidity / temperature / and a cartoon face. Super large CO value typeface, You can confirm the carbon CO concentration at a glance.
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C$116.99 C$93.59
  • - 【MULTIFUNCTION WEATHER STATION WITH COLOR DISPLAY】: (Shipping at the end of January or early February) 6.5*3.6 inches large color screen can display rich weather information for you, including weather forecast, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure index, rainfall data, wind speed and wind direction, the max&min temperature, body temperature, date and time, etc.It can show you a clear understanding of today's weather conditions and make adjustments to your plan according to different weather conditions.
  • - 【WEATHER FORECAST FUNCTION AND ALERT FUNCTION】: This digital thermometer can predict the weather in the next 12 hours based on the monitoring data of the outdoor weather meter, allowing you to make plans in advance and not be affected by sudden bad weather Your travel. At the same time, it can set alarms for temperature, humidity, wind speed, and rainfall.
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  • - 【Accurate Weather Data】Experience the convenience of being able to access all kinds of weather information directly at home, thanks to your sainlogic wireless weather station with outdoor sensor 8-in-1. The large 10.2-inch color display makes it easy to read, and you can see all the important features and information.
  • - 【WIFI Weather Station】Stay connected, check your weather forecast and current conditions . The weather station can be conveniently placed on a table in any room, monitor indoor/outdoor thermometer, including wind direction, indoor/outdoor temperature (° C / ° F), indoor/outdoor humidity, UV, and more. Weather station with rain gauge and wind speed makes it easy for you to monitor your home.
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  • - 【6-in-1 Air Quality Monitor】INKBIRDPLUS 6-in-1 Indoor Monitor has built-in professional detection sensors, it can accurately detect the current CO2 concentration, PM2.5, PM10, AQI, temperature, and humidity in the air.
  • - 【Three AQI Stages & Sound Alarm】This Air Quality detector is designed with 3 stages of AQI - normal mode (0-50), warning mode (51-100), and danger mode (101-500). When the AQI index exceeds 100, the detector will sound an alarm.
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Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Home Weather Stations with Atomic Clock, Digital Weather Thermometer, Temperature Humidity Monitor Weather Forecast Stations with Moon Phase
20% OFF
  • - 【10 in 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL WEATHER STATION】The digital weather stations wireless indoor outdoor offers a range of features including weather forecast, atomic clock, outdoor temperature and humidity, indoor temperature and humidity, date and time, alarm clock, barometer, Moon phase, Temperature alert. With our weather station, you can conveniently stay updated on the weather and enhance your everyday life with greater comfort and enjoyment.
  • - 【RADIO ATOMIC CLOCK & DUAL ALARM】Please select the correct time zone for your weather station based on your location (-8 PST, -7 MST, -6 CST, -5 EST). The atomic clock of home weather station can automatically or manually search for WWVB signal to ensure accurate time synchronization and adjust the time automatically. Additionally, you can set two alarms at different times simultaneously on the weather station, providing you with better control over your schedule.
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C$100.28 C$80.22
Smart CO2 Detector, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, NDIR Sensor Carbon Dioxide Detector, Temperature Humidity Air Tester for CO2 Alarm, Smart Life Tuya APP Digital CO2 Meter
20% OFF
  • - 【Compatible with Tuya Smart/Smart Life APP】Intelligently monitor your house air condition for CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity value on smart phone via Tuya Smart APP when you are not at home, no more worry about sudden accidents. And you can transfer the Temp. valve between ℃ and ℉ easily in APP or directly via the button on the detector.
  • - 【3 in 1 Multifunctional Carbon Dioxide Meter】The 3 in 1 CO2 monitor can detect real-time CO2 concentration, together with clear display on indoor&outdoor humidityand temperature for extremely comfortable and safe life experience. CO2 detection range is featured from 400 to 5000PPM, temperature detection range from 0 to 50℃ and 0-99%RH for humidity detection range, fits well for agricultural planting, production warehouse, raw material processing, home, school, office, and other occasions.
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Wireless Digital Rain Gauge with Indoor Outdoor Temperature,Self-Emptying Rain Collector with Accurate Thermometer, Weather Station with Large Display, Rain Alerts
20% OFF
  • - Self-Emptying Rain Collector Means No Daily Maintenance: The wireless rain gauge is self-emptying and easy to install,simply connects the outdoor rain gauge with the indoor weather station and then starts to measure the amount of rain automatically,shows rainfall for NOW,HOUR,DAY,WEEK,MONTH,YEAR,TOTAL (Inches or Millimeters)
  • - High Accuracy & Strong Transmission Range: The error range of Electronic Rain Gauge(150-foot; 50 meter range) is within 0.1mm/0.01 inch.Wireless thermometer(200-foot; 60 meter range)measures outdoor conditions with high precision and accuracy.Making it ideal for your daily life.
C$152.78 C$122.22
7-in-1 Wi-Fi Weather Station with Solar | Indoor/Outdoor Remote Monitoring System, Temperature Humidity Wind Speed/Direction Rain UV & More, Wireless Color Console w/Forecast Data, Alarm, Alerts
20% OFF
  • - 7-IN-1 PROFESSIONAL WEATHER STATION | All-in-One Monitoring System Provides Real-Time Weather & Precipitation Data Based on Conditions in Your Own Home & Backyard! | Get the Most Precise Temperature, Humidity, Wind, Rain, UV & Solar & Other Environmental Readings—More Accurate Than Any National Weather Station
  • - EASY-MOUNT BACKYARD SENSOR | Position Unit Outside on a Pole or Railing [Up to 492 Feet Away], Then View Personalized Up-to-the-Second Weather Data from Inside! | Complete Station Includes Wind Vane, Anemometer, Temp/Humidity Sensors, Rain Collector, UV and Solar Sensors, Level & Antenna | Runs for Up to 2.5 Years with the Integrated Solar Panel and 3 AA Batteries (batteries not included)
C$339.51 C$271.61
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