• - 【7-inch rotatable screen】LCD digital microscope with 1080P high resolution, 12MP camera technology and precise focus, support to display stunning images and videos for easy and accurate observation and welding. Adopt rotatable (90 degree) high-definition screen design, which is more convenient for users to watch from different angles;
  • - 【Continuous 10X-1200X magnification】Supports viewing incredible observation details in the magnification range of 10X to 1200X, and the actual magnification varies with the distance between the camera and the observation point. It is not only a microscope, but also a camera, which can take pictures and videos, and you can save the images and videos obtained during the observation process to the memory card;
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  • - HD display: CMOS high-sensitivity chip, 2 megapixels HD, true HD 1920*1080P video and 2 MP image display, wireless high-speed transmission, no image delay during use. 50x-1000x magnification, built-in 8 LEDs, multi-position brightness adjustment to control light and dark at will, providing incredible brightness of viewing detail in full-light view.
  • - One-touch photo or video: You can take photos or videos of your observations with the portable microscope with one touch via the APP and save them to your phone. Alternatively, the magnification can be adjusted directly via the APP, which is very convenient.
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C$61.42 C$89.99
  • - 【50X-1000X Digital Magnification】 The LCD digital microscope provides 50X-1000X magnification, allowing you to view tiny details such as coins, plants and insects within the magnification range, the actual magnification depends on the screen size, between the camera and the observation point distance varies;
  • - 【IPS LCD Display】This electron microscope is equipped with a 4.3-inch screen, and has a 2-megapixel ultra-precision focusing camera and 1080P high-definition imaging. Real-time clear images and high-quality videos of objects can be directly observed, which is very convenient to use. The large screen is more ergonomic and helps to eliminate eye and neck fatigue;
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  • - Dual-lens design: Innovative dual-lens design, 500x detection lens, suitable for industrial, textile inspection, IC surface inspection. 2000x is now a lens, suitable for biological observation;
  • - WiFi & USB two connection methods: not only can connect to mobile phone and tablet via wifi, but also connect to computer via USB to view details, compatible with various operating systems, real-time transmission is not stuck, and the image is clearer;
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  • - 50-1000X Digital Magnification: Provides 50X-1000X magnification (the magnification corresponds to the size of the monitor), allowing you to clearly see the smallest details, such as plants, coins, diamonds, rocks, etc.;
  • - 4.3-inch LCD screen: Display stunning images and videos directly on the 4.3-inch high-definition screen, the LCD digital microscope allows you to view your observations in detail and make quick adjustments immediately, more convenient and accurate for your eyes to observe compared to traditional microscopes will no longer be weary;
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9 Inch LCD Digital Microscope, 1000X Magnification Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera, Micro Welding Microscope for Adults, Wired Remote Control, Windows/Mac OS Compatible
NEW Arrival
  • - 【9" HD LCD Display】The upgraded MS3 9" LCD digital microscope provides a 29% larger field of view than the previous 7" microscope, making it more efficient to observe. The large screen lets you quickly adjust images and see instantly. In addition, this screen can be rotated 90°, allowing you to easily explore the wonderful world of microscopy!
  • - 【Easy to see the whole coin】The latest MS3 coin microscope has a longer 8.5" stand, the maximum distance between the lens and the base is increased to 6.3", and the field of view is up to 30mm in diameter, so there is no need to install any extension tubes or raise the display The entire coin can be easily captured;
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  • - [50X-1000X digital magnification ] The LCD digital microscope offers 50X-1000X magnification, allowing you to view minute details such as coins, plants and insects at a range of magnifications, actual magnification varies depending on screen size, distance between camera and viewing point.
  • - [IPS LCD Display ] This electron microscope features a 4.3" screen along with a 2 megapixel ultra-precise focusing camera and 1080p HD imaging. You can directly observe objects in real time with clear images and high quality video, making it very easy to use. The large screen is more ergonomic and helps to eliminate eye and neck fatigue.
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C$116.72 C$139.99
  • - 7-inch IPS large LCD screen: Up to 2000X magnification, 1080P high-definition 7-inch large display screen, showing exquisite details and delicate pictures. The LCD digital microscope has a large viewing area, and it is easy to focus and zoom in on the desired object, making your observation more intuitive. Adopt rotatable (90 degree) screen design, which is more convenient for users to watch from different angles;
  • - Size Multiples Dual Lens: Equipped with a digital lens and a microbe lens, using the 50-500X range digital lens ("Lens 1") allows you to observe the details of macro objects such as coins, printed circuit boards, insects, plants. Using the 100-2000X microbiological lens allows you to observe cells, microorganisms and glass slides, only one set can meet your requirements in different fields, which is very practical and convenient;
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C$245.74 C$309.99
  • - HD display: 2 million HD pixels, true HD 1920*1080P video and 2 MP image display, wireless high speed transmission with no image delay. 50x-1000x magnification, 360 degree contact focus, easy to use.
  • - wifi digital microscope: wireless wifi connection, get rid of the data cable, 10m long distance transmission without interruption and lag. Take photos and videos like a camera too, using the included app, for iOS and Andriod phones, compatible with both Windows and MacBook PCs.
C$47.60 C$49.99
7 inch digital microscope, 50x- 1000X magnification, support HDMI output, can take pictures and videos, digital microscope with metal stand, 12MP ultra-precision camera sensor, compatible with Windows/Mac
NEW Arrival
  • - 【7-inch rotatable LCD display and PC view】Equipped with a 7-inch rotatable HD screen, the viewing angle can be changed at will, and the pole can be tilted back 180°. The large screen provides a larger, clearer view screen than other 4.3s, bringing more details and eliminating eye and neck strain. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS at the same time, HDMI output allows you to conduct larger-scale observations and facilitate data sharing and analysis;
  • - 【50x-1000x magnification and 10 adjustable LED lights】Enhanced precise focus technology supports 50 to 1200x dynamic magnification, providing you with lifelike colors and clear tiny object details. 8 adjustable LED lights and 2 additional auxiliary lights provide enough brightness for your specimens and allow viewing or capturing details in dark places;
4.3 inch HDMI digital microscope, 10-1000X magnification, handheld camera video microscope, with 8 LED lights, rechargeable battery microscope, suitable for coin/PCB welding/plants/insects
20% OFF
  • - 4.3 inch high-definition IPS display screen: Equipped with a 4.3 inch IPS high-definition display screen, with a viewing angle of 178 °, the IPS screen has performance such as color flipping and brightness conversion, allowing you to see high-quality images with bright, saturated, and natural colors from any angle of view. The amplification range is 10x to 1000x, with a true 720P resolution;
  • - 1000x magnification: Supports 5-band digital amplification, 1080P display effect, and details are clearly visible. And allows you to capture microscopic images and real-time videos, preserving observed sample details for easy sharing with colleagues, students, or others;
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C$145.05 C$116.04
Pocket Mini Small Microscope, 60x-120x Handheld Microscope LED Lighted Zoom
20% OFF
  • - HD Aspherical Lens System-When using an 'aspheric lens', rays converge at a focal point and resulting in a sharper, distortion-free image. The mini microscope magnification is 60x-120x and equip with a double-layer focus system, which make it easier to focus.
  • - Lightweight Material& Unique Bright Orange-The small microscope case is made of super lightweight and high-quality ABS plastic. The pocket microscope weighs only 1.1oz, which is super light. The mini microscope is easy to use for beginners. The unique orange attract your eyes and the compact size can be easily put into a pocket!
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C$34.60 C$27.68
10.1-inch IPS high-definition display HDMI digital electron microscope, 50-1600 magnification, HDMI on screen display, with wireless infrared remote control, compatible with PC
20% OFF
  • - 10.1-inch high-definition display screen: This digital microscope has a 10.1-inch high-definition IPS screen with a resolution of 1024x600 and a brightness of 500cd/m2. It presents high-resolution microscopic images and videos, making fine details and small structures clearly visible. The large display area of 8.8 x 4.9 inches (223 x 125 mm) enables instant viewing and easy image adjustment, making precise observation, welding, and other tasks effortless;
  • - 50X-1600X magnification: This coin microscope has a magnification range of 50X to 1600X, allowing you to zoom in on images to examine small details. Each frame is crystal clear and very suitable for observing coins, conducting plant research, jewelry identification, circuit maintenance, etc;
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C$364.33 C$291.46
10.1-inch HDMI high-definition IPS screen professional high-definition digital microscope, 50-1600X magnification, touch dimming, capable of taking photos and recording, with wireless infrared remote control, compatible with PC
20% OFF
  • - Microscope with upgraded polarizer lens: Polarizing filters are usually very effective in improving overall color saturation and buffering photo quality. With these intelligent elements, you don't have to worry about poor color tone and unclear contrast. Easy to observe reflective objects such as SMD components, diamonds, and metals;
  • - 10.1-inch IPS high-definition display screen: A high-definition 10.1-inch IPS glossy screen with a 1080 * 800 resolution and 178 ° viewing angle, it presents accurate and bright colors, bringing you into the microscopic world with realistic colors and stunning details. Very suitable for welding work, watch maintenance, and coin collection;
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C$396.38 C$317.10
  • - 【WiFi&USB two connection methods】Built-in WiFi, you can easily connect Android or iOS mobile phone without USB cable. Thanks to WiFi connection technology, you can enjoy iPhone/Android phone image viewing, high-definition image transmission, photo and video, and simple observation, and the WLAN connection range is about 10 m;
  • - 【HD Camera】The microscope full HD is equipped with a 2 million pixel 1080p HD camera, providing you with a great experience of exploring the micro world through clear pictures and videos, the best distance between the camera and the object is 3-60mm;
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5-inch LCD digital microscope with LED light, 1080P coin magnifying glass, supporting photo/video shooting, compatible with PC and Windows/Mac
20% OFF
  • - 5-inch IPS high-definition display screen: With IPS high-definition display screen and 1080P display effect, it is clearer and brighter than other screens, so you can view your coin collection in detail without sacrificing clarity;
  • - 1000X magnification: A multifunctional LCD microscope that can magnify objects up to 10 to 1000 times. Easy to zoom in and out, and focus by adjusting the knob to view incredible micro worlds;
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C$121.44 C$97.15
  • - 500X magnification: Built-in 8 adjustable LED fill lights ensure you can see tiny details clearly and brightly in any environment. You can zoom in and see the finest details from 10X to 500X magnification;
  • - Plug and play, no setup required: just connect the microscope to the USB port of the laptop, the webcam will detect the device, turn the knob to focus and adjust the focus distance;
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C$93.68 C$84.99
Portable WiFi high-definition electronic digital microscope, 50X-1000X magnification, dual LED light source, compatible with iOS, Android smartphones, computers
20% OFF
  • - 50X-1000X magnification: The 50X-1000X magnification digital microscope allows you to zoom in and observe more details, with a detachable design that can be used with a stand or handheld, making use unrestricted and enhancing your wonderful experience of viewing the micro world;
  • - Dual LED light source design: built-in 8 adjustable brightness LED lights, with auxiliary lights in the base, knob type adjustment, not subject to any environmental restrictions. It can meet different usage needs when the light is insufficient, and the brightness can be adjusted evenly and softly, resulting in more outstanding observation effects;
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C$87.70 C$70.16
Digital Microscope for Kids, 1000X Handheld Kids Microscope with 6 Adjustable LED Lights, 2'' LCD Screen Mini Portable Microscope USB to PC for Kids 8-12, 32GB SD Card Including
20% OFF
  • - 3-in-1 Design:1) Microscope Searching, 2) One-Click Photo & Video Recording, 3) Telescope, choose what you want to enhance child's learning experience. And this digital microscope made of 4K resolution, provides much higher clarity.
  • - 100x-1000x Magnification Options:Unlike other kids microscopes, Kentfaith microscope has 100x-1000x zoom range, allowing children to explore a wide range of specimens, from small insects and plants to everyday objects like coins and fabrics.
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C$107.30 C$85.84
Handheld Digital Microscope, Portable Adult and Pediatric Microscope with 4
NEW Arrival
  • - 【4-inch rotatable FHD screen】4-inch screen, 1080FHD image quality, 80x magnification, built-in 8 adjustable LED lights, which can provide enough magnification to meet your daily needs, allowing you to present more clearly and intuitively the microscopic world in front of you;
  • - Rechargeable Microscope】Built-in 2000mAh battery, can be used for about 3 hours after fully charged, and can also be charged by a power bank, you can take it anywhere with confidence;
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Handheld digital microscope with 2-inch LCD screen, 1000X children's pocket microscope, with 8 LED lights, adult portable microscope, with bracket
20% OFF
  • - Handheld microscope with LCD screen: 2-inch IPS color screen, upgraded experience, and comfortable viewing. Multi layer high-definition optical microscope coating effectively improves clarity and color saturation, resulting in a more high-definition and delicate observation effect. It can be used immediately after startup, making it easy for you to explore the viewing field anytime and anywhere;
  • - Detachable and rechargeable design: Portable design that can easily fit into a pocket, including a rechargeable lithium battery (fully charged for over 2.5 hours of continuous operation), detachable design, paired with a stand and handheld use, making use unrestricted and easy to carry for both adults and children;
12 Review(s)
C$113.00 C$90.40
Portable Pocket Microscope for Kids 5-7 8-12, Digital Microscope Camera Binocular 200x Magnification 1080P 8X Digital Zoom 2" LCD Screen with 8GB microSD card for Science Experiments Children Beginner
20% OFF
  • - Great Versatile Dual Lens Design-Microscope and Binocular:The pocket microscope has a microscope lens on the left and a telescope lens on the right. Children can not only observe things up close through this microscope camera, but also see the world in the distance. This handheld microscope is a great way for kids to get closer to nature during hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures.
  • - Combine Photo & Video Functions:Whether in microscope mode or binocular mode, Kids can capture video and images. Display the captured images through the 2-inch LCD screen and use the included 8GB SD card to store these images or videos for better viewing. Each telescope for kids comes with a portable tripod that prevents shaking when in use, making it easier to focus for more stable images.
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C$112.50 C$90.00
  • - 【WiFi Connection】Built-in rush WiFi chip, 10M long-distance transmission without interruption and lag. For your Android or iOS device (turn on your device WiFi connection to the microscope's WiFi hotspot), also compatible with Windows or Mac computers (via USB cable).
  • - 【Adjustable LED light】Adjustable LED shadowless light, providing the best color temperature brightness and the clearest picture, new upgraded anti-blue light lens, 200w pixels, clear picture for a long time without getting tired.
C$82.93 C$71.99
Monocular biological optical microscope, 40x-5000X, suitable for laboratory single tube microscope for beginners in children
20% OFF
  • - 【 High definition magnification 】 Adult single tube microscope WF50X wide angle eyepiece and 10X eyepiece, as well as 4x, 5x, and 100x achromatic eyepieces, provide clear and sharp imaging, and provide multiple magnification, making it very suitable for clinical doctors, high school and university science students, and micro world enthusiasts;
  • - 【 Metal body 】 The composite monocular microscope has an installation free structure, an all metal body, white paint, beautiful and elegant appearance, sturdy structure, and long service life. The unique base structure and hollowed out design make the body stable and lightweight, equipped with storage bags for easy carrying and storage;
C$202.45 C$161.96
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