DJI Air 3 ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64 Filters 4pcs Set, Neutral Density Filter Kit, 28 Layer Multi-Coated HD Optical Glass Filter
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  • - 【Professional Air 3 ND Filter Set】K&F Concept ND filter set specifically designed for DJI AIR 3 dual cameras system, the ND8, ND16, ND32, and ND64 filter kit help reduce varying levels of light, from 3-6 stops, precise control over shutter speed, get correct exposure control in different lighting conditions, produce smooth footage.
  • - 【Multi-Coated HD Optical Glass】This K&F Concept AIR 3 Pro filter is made of Top AGC Optical Glass with 28-layer multi-function nanometer coatings on both sides, which helps capture vivid colors and get immersive shots, the coatings protect the filters against wear and scratches, dust, soil, and water repellent.
C$65.99 C$64.99
DJI Air 3 CPL+ND8+ND16 3cps Filters Set, 28 Layer Multi-Coated HD Optical Glass Filter K&F Concept
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  • - 【CPL+ND8+ND16】This filter kit is specifically made for the DJI Air 3, including 3 pcs of lens filter, a CPL filter, a ND 8 filter and a ND16 filter, most commonly used filters by DJI Air 3 owners.
  • - 【HD AGC Glass】These CPL+ND8+ND16 filters are made of imported AGC optical glass restore the true color, no color cast, ensure the high definition image showing, reduce lens glare and reflection and improve your video/image quality.
C$50.99 C$49.99
DJI Air 3 ND/PL 2 in 1 Filters Set 4pcs, ND8&PL+ND16&PL+ND32&PL+ND64&PL, 28 Layer Multi-Coated HD Optical Glass Filter
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  • - 【Hybrid ND&PL Filter 2-in-1】K&F Concept's Latest release ND/PL filter kit, designed for DJI AIR 3 dual cameras system. One filter has the ND and CPL filter features, which help control exposure and manage reflections. The ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL, and ND64/PL offer 3,4,5 and 6 stops of light reduction individually, meanwhile, avoiding unwanted reflections coming from non-metallic, such as water, glass, etc, and contribute to increasing the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds.
  • - 【AGC Optical Glass with 28 multi-layer coatings】Crafted from high-quality AGC optical glass, each filter lens features a 28-layer nano-coating, that significantly reduces reflections, flares, and ghosting, improving overall image quality. This combination ensures that your shots retain stunning clarity, color, and detail.
C$60.99 C$59.99
DJI Air 3 CPL Filter Circular Polarizer, 28 Layer Multi-Coated HD Optical Glass Filter
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  • - 【CPL Filter Function】 K&F Concept DJI AIR 3 CPL polarizing filter eliminates unwanted glare from non-metallic reflective surfaces when shooting outdoors, and reduces glare. Enhances the intensity of sky blue.
  • - 【28-Layer-Multi-Coated】Made of high-quality AGC glass with 28 layers of nano-coating to reduce reflections, waterproof, scratch-resistant, mildew-proof and oil-proof to ensure high-definition images, making the lens filter rugged and durable.
C$32.99 C$31.99
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