• - 30x60 optical binoculars with a magnification of 30 times and an objective lens diameter of 60 mm. More importantly, it has a large field of view of 126m/1000m, allowing you to see farther and wider;
  • - Multi-layer high-definition coating provides up to 99.5% of light transmittance, BAK4 prism's excellent refractive index, can effectively avoid vignetting, clear imaging, bright and no dark edges, it can be used at night, but can not be used in complete darkness;
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  • - 400mm (f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture, fully coated optical glass lens, with high transmission coating, can create stunning images and protect your eyes. The perfect telescope for astronomers to explore the stars and moon.
  • - Equipped with two replaceable eyepieces, eyepiece 1:25mm and eyepiece 2:10mm. The 5x24 finder can locate objects easily and quickly.
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C$256.69 C$256.69
  • - The large-diameter objective lens is 50mm, which has a larger field of view, large luminosity, high brightness, brighter and clearer imaging colors, and no chromatic aberration. The eyepiece diameter is up to 18.5mm, the real large eyepiece design, suitable for viewing, stable image, no dizziness and cramped feeling. 10-30 times continuous zoom, any magnification can be adjusted to meet your different viewing needs.
  • - BAK4 optical prism, the refractive index is much higher than BAK7, the light transmittance is 99.5%, the lens is made of all-optical glass material, FMC multi-layer coating, the image is transparent, the color is sharp, and there is no chromatic aberration. In low light conditions, you can also get a good observation effect.
  • - High-quality optics with 8x magnification and roof prism system deliver bright, sharp, crystal-clear images. Best for bird watching, real children's binoculars for boys and girls;
  • - Made of soft Q-elastic ABS soft rubber material, it can prevent children from hurting their eyes when they use it. The textured rubber on the outside helps to grasp, light, anti-fall, healthy and odorless, and protects children's health;
  • - Designed with 25x30mm high-definition magnification, the multi-coated optical lens ensures excellent light transmittance and brightness, and can reach a field of view of 126 meters at 1000 meters, helping you get a clearer and wider field of vision.
  • - Made of high-quality aluminum and gold alloy, the hand-held part is covered with high-quality leather, which is stylish and very durable. In addition, the leather design, shock absorption, non-slip, very easy to hold and use.
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  • - 10-30 high-definition stepless zoom: according to different observation needs, 10-30 different magnifications can be easily adjusted and zoomed freely.
  • - Multi-layer coating: FMC broadband multi-layer coating, high light transmittance, sharp and transparent imaging. 50mm large objective lens, 22mm eyepiece, the field of view angle at 10x is 5.6°~2.7° at 30x, the imaging effect is clear and the field of view is wide, allowing you to enjoy the best view in use, in bird watching, watching scenery, watching games, camping, The concert has the best viewing experience.
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  • - High-definition display: 200 pixels, true high-definition 1920*1080P video and 2MP image display, wireless high-speed transmission, no image delay after full charge. 50x-1000x magnification, 360-degree contact focusing, easy to use;
  • - wifi digital microscope: wireless wifi connection, get rid of the shackles of cables, use the provided app, and also take pictures and record videos like a camera, for iOS and Andriod, also compatible with Windows and Mac OS (requires USB port).
  • - 【Compact binoculars with clear vision】: 3X magnification and 25mm objective lens diameter, all-optical glass lens, multi-layer broadband coating, clear and sharp vision, high color reproduction, clear picture without dizziness, you can see the whole Field of vision, easy to capture objects, especially suitable for drama and horse racing viewing;
  • - 【Foldable Handle】Foldable handle design, adjust the length between the two lenses by adjusting the handle, it is easy to adjust the length according to your own needs, the bright lens provides greater transparency in low light conditions, thus improving comfort;
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  • - Full 12x magnification, 50mm object lens diameter, more clear, even low light condition,ergonomic design helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand.( Net heavy weight : 0.63 lb).
  • - BaK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics green film offer crisp clear images with improved light transmission.
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  • - 【BAK4 prism, high-definition imaging】BAK4 prism, multi-layer high light transmission coating, high light transmittance, can effectively reduce the refractive index of light, the imaging is clear, sharp and transparent, can effectively reduce eye fatigue, long-term viewing without halo. It also supports low-light night vision, which can be used at night, but not in complete darkness.
  • - [Large eyepiece, wide-angle and large field of view] 18mm eyepiece, 25mm objective lens, 5.2° wide-angle design, the larger the field of view, the more convenient the search and observation, the larger the eyepiece, the higher the comfort of light viewing.
  • - [The most suitable telescope for children and beginners] This telescope meets all the needs of beginners. It is equipped with a 3X Barov teleconverter and two eyepieces, H20mm and H6mm. Children can obtain magnifications from 15X to 150X. Whether watching the stars and moon at night or observing the planets, this telescope is the best helper for children and beginners in astronomy;
  • - [Large aperture] 70mm aperture and 300mm focal length provide more light and clearer images, even beginners can get clear images. The larger the aperture, the larger the field of view, and the clearer the image;
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  • - 【Larger field of view】50mm objective lens, providing more adequate complementary light and a larger field of view. 12X50x high list binoculars, 12x closer to observe the object and magnified, field of view range of 87/1000m.
  • - 【More restoration】 BAK4 prism FMC multilayer coated eyepiece and objective lens, light transmission rate of up to 99%, the maximum restoration of the picture color. Equipped with focus wheel, can quickly adjust the central and surrounding parts of the screen to the overall HD state, to avoid partial blurring of the picture.
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C$61.42 C$54.99
  • - 【Clear Visible in 100% Darkness】The newly upgraded night vision device has built-in 850nm infrared illuminator and CMOS sensor, allowing you to see animals or plants clearly in 100% darkness. It allows you to have the perfect field of view without being limited by ambient light. You can use it to take high-definition photos and videos with excellent optical clarity during the day, low light or night; it has 3 modes: take photo, record video (no sound) and play.
  • - 【Enjoy 1080P FHD photos and videos - 984FT viewing range】With 5x digital zoom, 25mm objective lens aperture and 7-level infrared adjustment function, you can easily adjust to the best focus and observe the target with clearer details. It can achieve 1080p full HD video resolution and 10 million pixel photos, you can clearly observe the target 984 feet (300M) away in the dark without any ambient light;
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4K adult night vision binoculars, 3-inch display, 7-stop infrared night vision adjustment, 5x digital zoom, support video recording and photo shooting
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  • - 3-inch large high-definition display: Equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen, the digital screen is directly displayed, the picture is stable, and the display effect is clear and intuitive, allowing you to obtain a more comfortable and broader visual experience. 5x digital zoom, which can magnify distant objects in the dark, it can help you capture and record the most exciting moments of the day or night;
  • - Full HD 4K video and 36MP pictures: Night vision binoculars can achieve 4K full HD video and 36-megapixel photo shooting. The captured video and photos can be exported to a computer for viewing using a data cable, or stored in a memory card. Support 32GB expansion memory, so you can review the wonderful moments at any time. (Note: memory card not included).
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  • - 【More HD】 8x HD binoculars, the smaller the magnification, the larger the field of view, up to 113/1000m.
  • - 【More restoration】 BAK4 prism FMC multilayer coated eyepiece and objective lens, the light transmission rate is up to 99%, the maximum restoration of the picture color. Equipped with focus wheel, it can quickly adjust the central and surrounding parts of the picture to the overall high-definition state to avoid partial blurring of the picture.
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C$41.46 C$36.99
KM-F800H Golf Rangefinder, High Precision 800m Rechargeable Laser Hunting Rangefinder with Slope, 6.5x Magnification, Flagpole Lock, Fast Focus, Magnet Attachment, Slop Switch Vibration Alert for Golf, Hunting and Measuring
  • - High transmittance lens: multi-layer coated glass lens, wide field of view and high light transmission, clearer and brighter imaging. 6.5x high-definition optical lens, BAK4 prism, to improve the viewing effect and accuracy.
  • - Easy to operate: support one key measurement, press the measurement key to measure straight line distance, horizontal distance, height and angle at the same time. Also supports golf distance correction mode, providing golfers with more accurate data support.
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  • - [12X50 HD high-power monoculars] Provides 12 times magnification, the objective lens is up to 50 mm in diameter, and the best viewing distance is 96m/1000m, providing clear and bright images and different views. It is very suitable for bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, traveling, wildlife, scenery, etc.
  • - [High contrast and resolution image] The zoom telescope is equipped with BAK-4 prism and full multi-coated (FMC) lens to ensure excellent light transmittance and brightness. The light transmittance reaches 99.5%. With low-brightness night vision function, it can help you see things in low light (you can't see anything in complete darkness), providing you with an amazing viewing experience. The adjustable eye mask also allows you to rotate up and down easily and quickly, allowing you to get the best viewing angle even when wearing glasses.
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  • - [Wide field of view]-The magnification is 10 times, which can provide you with a field of view of 168/1000m; the diameter of the eyepiece is 22 mm, and the diameter of the objective lens is 42 mm; the wide-angle large field of view, more light, wide field of view, higher brightness.
  • - [FMC multi-layer coating, BAK4 prism]-FMC multi-layer high-definition coating provides up to 99.5% of light transmittance and minimum distortion, which minimizes the light loss caused by reflection; BAK4 prism's excellent refractive index can effectively avoid dark Angle, the image is clear, bright without dark edges.
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  • - 【10X42 high magnification focus】: 10X42 times high-definition magnification, a good combination of optical system and basic performance, bright images, clear vision. The 20mm enlarged eyepiece provides a wide-angle and large field of view with sufficient light input. The lens adopts multi-layer coating to avoid dizziness, ensure clear and bright imaging, and improve observation comfort. 42mm large-aperture object diameter, wider field of view, allowing you to see the distant scenery and animals more clearly and brightly, capturing the clearest, bright and stable bird-watching image ideal magnification, the field of view range of 101/1000m.
  • - 【BAK4 prism and multi-layer coating】: Both the eyepiece and objective lens adopt high-quality BAK4 prism + FMC all-optical broadband green film, which is transparent and bright, effectively eliminating internal light loss and avoiding dark edges on the screen. The light transmittance is as high as 97%. The optical system reflects light, whether you are looking for birds or trying to better watch the stage, it can help you observe the target in high definition, provide you with the best brightness and true color, and improve the picture reproduction.
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Day and night dual-use night vision monocular night vision device, 1.5-inch visual screen, 5x digital zoom, support video recording and photo shooting, portable and rechargeable infrared night vision device, suitable for day and night hunting, camping
NEW Arrival
  • - 【Dual use for day and night, full black night vision】Built-in 3W IR LED infrared light, 850nm strong infrared spotlight, allows you to clearly see the target you want to observe in complete darkness or dim ambient light. 7-speed adjustable infrared design, adapt to the needs of different people and different environments, to obtain the best results;
  • - 【HD Image】The digital night vision goggles have 5x digital zoom and 25mm objective lens aperture, you can easily adjust to the best focal length to help you observe the target with clearer details. With a good image intensifier and high sensitivity imaging array, it can provide high quality 1080P FHD images, videos (1920x1080p images and 1080p FHD 30FPS videos);
  • - 【Dual-screen binocular naked-eye 3D viewing】 1.4-inch 390*390 dual-screen internal screen, 7-level brightness adjustment, support dual-screen binocular naked-eye 3D viewing, restore the real three-dimensional scene seen by the human eye, and let you immerse yourself in it Experience the 3D real-time observation effect;
  • - 【Day and night dual-purpose FHD high-definition shooting】 Equipped with 3W, 850nm strong infrared spotlight to ensure long-distance observation without infrared light in low light. It supports 7-speed infrared adjustment, and the observation distance can reach 250 meters to 300 meters in a dark environment. You can Hunt in the dark, monitor wildlife, explore wilderness or protect your farm without external lighting;
  • - Accurate and Versatile: With ±0.5m measurement accuracy and up to 1000m measurement range, our golf rangefinder provides accurate and reliable measurements for all your golfing needs.
  • - Multiple Modes: Whether you are measuring distance, angle, altitude or speed, our rangefinder can provide you with four different measurement modes, including two-point altitude measurement and speed measurement mode.
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  • - 6X Magnification & Measures Up To 800 Meters - The rangefinder can read distances from 3 to 800 yards and zooms up to 6X so you can take the perfect photo with confidence. It is a great rangefinder for hunting, golf, racing, bird watching, shooting, rock climbing and other outdoor sports.
  • - FAST AND ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS - This golf distance meter can measure the speed of fast moving objects with an accuracy of +/-0.5 yards. Built-in pin lock feature allows golfers to easily identify their pin, ideal for measuring golf flags, hazards and wooded areas
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  • - High light transmittance lens: full multi-layer coating high light transmittance lens can effectively reduce reflected light, increase transmittance, magnification 6 times, provide you with high-definition light viewing effect, wide-angle large field of view, improve accuracy and increase observation effect .
  • - Multiple measurement modes: The golf rangefinder has multiple measurement modes, independent distance measurement, easy operation, compact and portable. The distance measurement mode automatically calculates the optimal golf distance for you, and the training mode with slope compensation measures angles to easily help golfers achieve compensated distances when needed. Velocity mode measures how fast an object is moving and can be used for golfing and hunting.
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