Waterproof Dual-Lens 1080P Industrial Endoscope with 4.3" IPS Hard Screen - 10m Metal Cable & 5.5mm Probe with 32G Memory Card

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  • * 5.5mm/0.21 Inch Probe-More Professional: This 5.5mm inspection camera is the latest industrial inspection endoscope, ideal for inspection in pipes or areas not visible to the naked eye, it can easily pass through small pipes in large mechanical equipment, photography and recording video is more clear and stable, providing great convenience for after-the-fact re-examination and discussion.
  • * Upgraded Semi-Rigid Cable - More Durable: This snake endoscope cable has been newly upgraded, the inner layer is wrapped in special metal materials, enhances the toughness and plasticity of the rope, can more effectively through various angles of the pipe or sewer, the outermost rubber tightly wrapped inner tube, our camera and cable waterproof level reached more than IP67, rest assured that the sewer inspection work.
  • * 1080P Dual Lens - Wide Field of View: Our plumber inspection borescope features a new camera on the side of the front camera, six led lights on the front camera, two led lights on the side lens, and an upgraded CMOS chip that can capture clearer pictures and fluent video, even can quickly switching front and side cameras when recording. No mirror is needed, perfectly solve the problem of glare and blur in the side-view mirror of the old endoscope. letting you record down the full-view situation.
  • * 4.3 Inch IPS Color Screen: The focal range of this sewer inspection endoscope camera is 3-10cm/1.2-3.9 inches, the frame rate is 30fps/s, and 30 pictures are generated every 1 second, which allows you to directly watch real-time HD images on the colour IPS screen.
  • * Wide Applications: dual-camera endoscope comes with a 32GB memory card that supports JPG images and AVI video and is widely used with a variety of life and industrial inspections. Can be used for HVAC inspection, refrigerator inspection, sewer/drainage pipe inspection, wall structure inspection, house maintenance, car maintenance, industrial machinery inspection, drain pipe maintenance, aircraft inspection, etc. is a family and the company must have excellent inspection tools.
Brand Story
Why Do We Choose Leading IPS Hard Screens?
Why Do We Choose Leading IPS Hard Screens?
Our Two Camera Boroscopes have adopted the advanced liquid crystal panel technology. IPS hard screen is not only "harder", but also has better picture quality.

1.Fast Response Speed: The difference in the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules, the IPS screen also changes the two vertical electrodes of the soft screen into a horizontal arrangement, which speeds up the deflection speed of the liquid crystal molecules, thereby improving the response speed of the screen. Solved the long-standing smear problem of LCD screen, and the motion pictures are clear and smooth. The viewing angle of the IPS hard screen panel can reach 178 degrees.
2.Wider Viewing Angle: This means that there is no obvious difference in the color and clarity of the picture regardless of whether you view it from the front or from the side.
3.The Colors Are More Realistic: IPS hard screens are purer than soft screens when displaying pure black images, and the images show rich layers and high contrast. The IPS screen can provide clearer black scene images through smooth grayscale levels.
4.The Screen Is Firmer: Due to the unique horizontal molecular structure of the IPS hard screen, it has no water streaks, shadows and flashes when touched. The screen quality is extremely stable, and the lifespan will be improved compared to soft screen. The 50,000 hours of the screen has increased to more than 70,000 hours.
5.Environmental Protection And Power Saving: The IPS hard screen reduces the thickness of the liquid crystal layer and changes the light transmittance of the liquid crystal screen. The reduction of the backlight source power achieves the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.
What Makes This Endoscope Unique From Others?
What Makes This Endoscope Unique From Others?
What Makes This Endoscope Unique From Others?
What Makes This Endoscope Unique From Others?
Heat-Resistance: Cable--32°F to 221°Fmax(0°C to 105°C), recommended to use below 176 °F; Camera--32°F to 150°F(0°C to 65°C), Perfect for mechanic work like car engine/cylinder/HAVC/electronic equipment.
All Round Protection: We specially wrap the cables in nylon bags. Not only protect the cable and lens during transportation, but also protect the lens from scratches and keep the cable clean during use. The host has covered with silicone protective shell, the screen has protective film and you will get the protective cap for front lens.
Time-Saving: No need APP, Phone, Bluetooth or Wifi. Just use the monitor to real-time work.
Humanized Design: The ergonomic design and friendly user interface and simple button icons, make it perfect for quick and proficient one-handed operation. Also comes with a lanyard for easily carry.
IPS Screen Better Than LCD: Anti-blur 2.0 and ensure grabs ultra-clear picture; Upgraded color flipping and brightness conversion to view the real high-quality images; Thinner monitor panel, improve display effect; Full-view angle.
Anti-Interference Signal Transfer: Enhanced signal transfer, giving you smooth and fluid video without latency.
Industrial-Grade Aviation Connector
Industrial-Grade Aviation Connector
Compared with other ordinary plastic wires(cannot be plugged or unplugged). Our detachable & professional aerospace connector is perfect fixed with threaded knobs, making your data transmission more stable and faster. Bring you device stronger and more durable than others on the market.
0.21 inch Ultra-Slim
0.21 inch Ultra-Slim
Compared to other probes, our flexible wire is very sturdy and it holds its shape like a fish tape. And 5.5mm tiny camera probe make it easily access a wide variety of confined place or somewhere cannot be reached by the naked eye.
Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Battery
Our waterproof borescope battery is rechargeable, will work for up to 4-5 hours depend on different situations. And the standby time is up to 6 months. Ideal plumbing tool for outdoor work.
Multifunctional Application:
Multifunctional Application:
Industrial Use: Aviation Aircraft, Automotive, Motorcycle Engine Checking & Maintenance, Furnaces, Pistons, Gears, Compressors, Boilers, Condenser Tubes; Plumbing, Heating Vents, AC Vent Pipe, Machine Equipment Inspection; Building & Construction, Cable Routing, Refrigeration, Sailboat/Diesel Inspection.
Daily Use: Household DIY, Air Conditioning, HVAC inspection; Swimming Pool, UnderWater & Bathroom Pipeline, Sewer Line, Wall Inspection; Toilet Passages, Roof Leaks, Water Leakage or Blockage Troubleshooting, Camping Equipment etc.
Science Research Use: Biological Plants Viewing, Small Animal Viewing, Bird Nest Viewing, Lab Equipment etc.

1 x 4.3 inch Endoscope Host(Lanyard, Silicone Protective Case, Screen film)
1 x Retractable Cable
3 x Auxiliary Accessories(Hook, Magnet, Protective lens Cap)
1 x Exquisite Box
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x 32GB TF Memory Card
Rating 67 reviews. 55 reviews.
Price C$219.99 C$199.99
Model GW45.0002 GW45.0001
Camera Design
2 2
2m megapixels 2m megapixels
Camera Diameter
5.5mm 5.5mm
Adjustable LED Lights
8 LEDs 8 LEDs
Focus distance
30-80mm 30-80mm
Waterproof Level
IP67 IP67
Camera Angle Adjustment
/ /
Transmission Distance
/ /
Battery capacity
2600mAh 2600mAh
Cable Length
10M 5 M
Support System
/ /
Included 32GB Card
Contains Contains
Wifi Support
No No
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Good camera for inspecting hard-to-reach areas
ordered the Teslong endoscope camera for examining hard-to-reach places. Since I will probably only use it a few times a year, it is perfectly adequate. You can't just compare them to a professional device. It comes in a handy storage case with foam inserts. Operation is clear, self-explanatory and the display is easy to read. The first thing I checked was the drain in the bathroom sink, because hair often gets tangled up in it and clogs it. I have to disassemble and clean the siphon regularly. Now I can inspect the drain with this camera and use the hook to remove any hairballs before they become a problem. After a bit of experimenting with the LED lighting, I got quite good and sharp images, on which you can also see details. The brightness can be adjusted in 6 levels and is completely sufficient. The recordings are stored on a supplied 32GB SD card and can therefore also be viewed later on the PC. The flexibility of the probe hose is pleasant and not too rigid. However, it is difficult to steer, so that it sometimes takes a few tries before you hit the desired position. It can take a while, especially over long distances. The additional lenses are very helpful because you don't have to work with a deflection mirror, as is the case with some competing products. I have no complaints about the processing. There are no sharp edges or burrs.
Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy.
This very light and compact endoscope camera comes in a hard case with a foam interior. The cable of the camera is about 5 meters long and has a diameter of 0.5 cm. Contrary to what is stated in the description, the camera is not equipped with 6 LEDs, but with 8. 6 LEDs light up on the front of the middle camera. 2 lights on the sides, each on the right and left. Cameras are also installed here. So you can look down (into the combustion chamber of the cylinder, for example) or switch on the camera on the right or left to look at the walls without having to turn the camera. Very good. The camera has a resolution of 1080p, i.e. Full HD, the recordings are stored on the 32 GB memory card supplied and can be called up at any time. The 4.3 inch display is equipped with hardened glass and is easy to read. The menu is tidy and logically structured. The language, resolution of the recordings, etc. can be set here. There are other LEDs on the side of the device that can also be turned on to act as a flashlight. The integrated 2600 mAh battery is charged via USB-C charging cable. A good choice for hobbyists and mechanics.
Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy.
Top endoscope camera
Item was delivered very quickly and neatly, item was then inspected. Everything was actually already assembled, memory card was inserted, endoscope already assembled and accessories such as Allen key, small spare screw in a small plastic bag. Switched on, battery and was almost 100 percent charged----- ready for use immediately, endoscope actually very rigid and the function of the LEDs as advertised or advertised. The LEDs on the side can only be activated, as can the camera switchover to the left / right view, by pressing the small push button on the endoscope (USB port on the camera). Provide the screen with a protective film and everything can be stowed away and protected well and securely in an associated case. Image quality for close-ups acceptable to good, but editing options to improve quality .... you can still get a lot out of it using an image editing program (but that's not a point of criticism for me, just a comment) .... but completely sufficient for a quick snapshot, inspection / assessment or short video sequences. USB connection fixed on the camera with a small screw, also has a reason because the cable is a bit rigid, it protects the connection in the camera from accidental loosening or breakage. The small support foot that you can attach to the camera is well intentioned but somehow not fully developed, unless you don't move the endoscope cable anymore, otherwise the camera actually does what it wants....slips back and forth or possibly falls .down Camera settings such as date, time, language, etc. can be set quickly and intuitively. Manual available ..... But you should take the time to check all the functions and familiarize yourself with the camera. If questions arise, the customer service provides or offers very fast and friendly support in a short time.....Great If the quality and customer service remain the same, which I hope, the camera is a clear purchase recommendation for me
Flexible endoscope with a somewhat rigid camera tube
The endoscope is delivered in a sturdy case. A USB-A to USB-C cable is included for charging, an extra stand, an Allen key to loosen the camera hose connector and a spare screw for the hose connector. There are also two tools that can be slipped over the camera head, one with a rake and one with a magnetic head, to retrieve lost parts. There is a 32GB micro SD card in the device. A German-language manual is included. The processing quality is very good. All applications work fine. Switching between the three lenses is done on the camera connector, all other functions are attached to the display housing. The long hose is quite stiff, so that you usually need both hands to guide it. I understand that this rigidity is necessary to be able to guide the hose over long distances, but without the screen part being able to be fixed somewhere, it is very difficult to handle. The image resolution of 1920x1080 is ok, I found it a bit difficult to focus in narrow drainpipes. A distance of at least 3 cm is required for the front camera and approx. 2 cm for the side cameras. Despite the small handling problems, I really like the endoscope. With a little training and possibly another person to hold the display, it's very useful.
Flexible endoscope with a somewhat rigid camera tube Flexible endoscope with a somewhat rigid camera tube Flexible endoscope with a somewhat rigid camera tube
Definitely a help...
The shipping and packaging from Kentfaith is top notch as always. The endoscope camera from K&F Concept is just right. I had to run a LAN cable through the tube from my 1st floor to the ground floor and couldn't get through. This is very annoying because I have no other way from top to bottom. With this camera I found the problem and fixed it. The image quality and the light were just awesome and everything is just right. The processing and the quality of the device is P/L technically top. When using it, I noticed something that you have to take care of the device. I'll get a bracket for it or the manufacturer could install a magnet if the built-in technology allows it. The connection of the camera is connected to the housing with a locking system > TOP. The hose is also correspondingly very rigid, so that it can also cross any obstacle without any problems. The charging cable is included in the scope of delivery. The power pack is not on board for this. Nevertheless, I can recommend the endoscope camera with 2 lenses
Definitely a help... Definitely a help... Definitely a help... Definitely a help... Definitely a help... Definitely a help... Definitely a help...
Versatile endoscope camera
The K&F Concept is an endoscope camera with two lenses. It is delivered with a sturdy hard case. In addition to the actual endoscope camera, consisting of a control panel about the size of a mobile phone (with a 5" screen) and a mounted endoscope tube, there is a charging cable (USB 3), a mountable support for the control panel, a magnet attachment and a hook attachment for the camera, as well as brief instructions in various versions Languages. A no-name 32GB card is already inserted in the control panel and offers plenty of space for recordings (more on that later). A charger is not included, but any mobile phone charger with a USB port can be used without any problems. The 2600mAh battery was with me fully loaded, so that you could start testing right away. Since an apartment is being renovated in the circle of relatives, there were various possibilities for inspection and recording. The familiarization with the operation works almost without operating instructions. The upper gray rocker is used for the lighting controlled and the photo/video recording is carried out.In the middle of the control panel The mode button (photo/video/playback), the setting button for the camera functions (resolution, date, shutter sound, language, formatting, etc.), the two scroll buttons for the menu settings and the enter button are located in a circle in the middle. In the lower area is the yellow-green rocker with the on/off switch and the button for the rear lighting device (torch replacement for dark environments). For wet environments, the camera hose is well shielded against moisture, the 5 meter hose length is also sufficient for expeditions into remote areas of pipes, shafts, etc. The illumination of the front camera with the 6 LEDs (dimmable) is good, the illumination of the two side cameras consists of only one LED, but this is easily sufficient for close distances! When switching between the three lens systems, the lighting also changes. After you have unraveled the somewhat rigid endoscope tube, you can get started right away. I had set the highest resolution (HD 1920x1080). I took pictures of a cable basket on a ceiling, a narrow pipe, the end of an old water connection and an old chimney. The recordings are sometimes taken with the central front camera, sometimes with one of the two side camera lenses. All recordings looked flawless and perfect on the screen of the control panel. Accordingly, I was disappointed on the computer with a large screen. Depending on the recording, the images are just 50-110 KB in size, so the quality on the screen (despite Full HD) is not exactly great. The sound is also recorded during video recording, the maximum video resolution is 1280x720 (HD ready) According to the product page, the front camera is designed for a distance of approx. 3-10cm, the side cameras for a distance of approx. 1.5-3cm beyond that, it quickly becomes fuzzy. In cramped ducts, cable ducts, etc., this is sufficient to carry out a quick inspection and visual check, but here too the exact distance must be taken into account, because the camera systems seem to have fixed focus lens systems and are therefore set to a precise distance. At the end of the old water pipe you can see very well how quickly the image can become blurred. The somewhat rigid hose makes it extremely difficult to adjust to the correct distance in some tight situations. At larger distances, such as the cable basket or the chimney shaft, the performance of the camera system is exceeded, here you really have to examine the entire length piece by piece with the endoscope tube for the inspection. Handling the endoscope system is not easy. On the one hand, the rigid endoscope hose has to be brought to the right place, on the other hand, the control panel has to be held and operated. This is extremely difficult without a second person. Although there is a small thread on the back, it can only be used to attach a small bracket that serves as a support. The thread is too small to attach the control panel to a tripod, for example. The accessories in the form of a hook and a magnetic holder are interesting for fishing out a lost key in a gully or a screw in a drain. The camera then supports the search. Conclusion: Basically, I think the endoscope camera is good, the workmanship, the accessories and also the control panel and its operation make a very high-quality impression and definitely justify the current price of almost €129. Anyone in the private or commercial sector who is often instructed to carry out inspections in narrow areas is well served with the system. The resolution of the camera system is quite sufficient for a quick inspection or a search in the private sector. However, if you want to document damage with pictures, for example, or work in the commercial sector, you will definitely want a higher camera resolution and a further recording distance of the lens system. Despite all that, I still give it the full 5 stars
Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera
works well and reliably
The camera set comes with instructions for use in German, which will definitely help the user, even if the device is basically very easy and intuitive to use. The individual buttons on the control unit work perfectly and pleasantly. With a battery life of around four hours, you can investigate a problem quite extensively. The three lenses at the tip of the guide wire deliver a pin-sharp image on the device's own screen; at least for objects at a distance of about 2 cm to about 10 cm. In this respect, the camera is primarily intended for examinations of narrow corridors and not, for example, of sewage pipes in the ground, since the camera would have to capture and display a larger field of view for these cases. However, the set is not designed for the latter. And it displays the area that the device is supposed to capture and examine perfectly. The dimmable and good illumination of the middle lens is also very helpful and also supports a clean display. With the additional lighting on the housing of the screen, you can also work well in dark surroundings, i.e. you can find the entrance to a tube into which the hose of the endoscope is to be inserted without any additional tools. The hose itself is quite rigid, which is probably necessary to move it forward at all. However, successful handling here requires some patience and practice; but then you get along well with the camera. When handling the endoscope tube, it is very helpful if a second person holds the screen or you clamp it (carefully) in some way, otherwise it wobbles around and you cannot observe anything on it. With a length of 5 meters, the camera hose certainly enables most household examinations without reaching your limits so quickly. A hook (included) or a magnet (also available) can be attached to the tip of the probe, with which you can also use the camera to fish objects out of pipes or similar. In addition, the camera, including the hose, is actually waterproof. All around good and definitely deserves 5 stars!
The camera is okay for the money
The quality is really good, processing and no sharp edges or the like. The screen is big enough for the necessary work to see the examined objects well. I think it's good that a battery is installed, so you don't necessarily need a laptop as a screen, which makes it very mobile in the suitcase. The supplied cable is a little too long, because the manufacturer really meant well. 2 to 2.5 meters thick would have been enough. The LEDs provide enough light for both cameras and if they are outshone, they can be conveniently dimmed. The picture quality is ok, you can see pretty much everything. I don't think it should be a 1080 resolution, but a little less. In general it was worth the money for me and has already found quite a few problems or objects. Except for the slightly too long cable, this system can really be recommended. LG Frank
Good endoscope for do-it-yourselfers and professionals
The Teslong endoscope is delivered in a practical hard case. The scope of delivery includes the device itself, a USB cable for charging and data transfer, a 32GB SD memory card, two additional tips that can be attached to the probe, one with a hook and one with a magnet, a small Allen key, the you need to remove the probe hose, a suitable spare screw, a folding stand and operating instructions in different languages. In terms of quality, the device makes a very good impression, both the case and the keys feel very high quality. The operation of the endoscope is relatively simple and after a short reading of the, unfortunately somewhat poor, operating instructions, the device can be used. The picture quality of the is not outstanding, but more than sufficient for the actual use of the device. The 5 meter long probe hose is a bit stiff, but has the advantage that it can be maneuvered and pushed through narrow pipes better. What is also quite positive is that you can dim the LEDs on the lens, so you can counteract overexposure on reflective surfaces such as stainless steel pipes. In my opinion, the supplied folding support is useless, as soon as you use the rather stiff probe cable, the support no longer offers any support and the endoscope flies around. A magnetic holder or the possibility of attaching the device to a tripod would be desirable here, as this would make the work much easier. Unfortunately, the supplied manual leaves a lot to be desired. Only the essential operation of the device is explained, but how to attach the additional tips, for example, you have to find out yourself, this is absolutely not discussed. It also explains how to remove or attach the camera probe, if you follow the instructions exactly, the device is then ready for scrap. The attachment of the probe is like a USB-C connector, which is additionally fixed with a screw, if you insert it as instructed in the instructions and then turn it clockwise until it clicks, you will break the connector, so be careful. There was probably something sloppy in the translation, because on the English pages it is described in much more detail. The built-in microphone is a nice feature for leaving any comments while working, but unfortunately it also records all the button operations, which then become noticeable as a very loud click on the video. Overall, I would describe the Teslong endoscope as quite useful, both for the do-it-yourselfer and for semi-professional use. A little more effort in translating the manual and possibly a possibility to attach the device to a tripod would be desirable. In my opinion, the price is justified.
Easy to use and high quality images.
Great product for my electrician son to use when running cables. Has a flexible endoscope cable with good rigidity that allows for good camera control. 2 camera positions, one at the very end and others on either side; all have individual LED lights. Cameras display high-quality images up close. These images can be captured by photo or video. Also records sound. A button to switch between cameras. Waterproof SD card included. Overall fit for purpose, well made and easy to use.
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Our plumbing inspection cameras are plug-and-play and require no additional phone or computer connections. You can watch the video to learn about the simple operation and functions of our borescopes. Hope this helps you. 
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Our wireless endoscopic cameras work with cars/vehicles. Such as carbon deposits on piping valves, removing missing bolts in engine bays, inspecting cylinder walls and pistons, gearboxes, muffler pipes, etc. 
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What K&F Endoscope Camera can do?
Industrial Endoscope Operation and Purpose
Resolution 1920*1080
Camera Design 2
pixel 2m megapixels
Camera Diameter 5.5mm
Adjustable LED Lights 8 LEDs
Focus distance 30-80mm
Waterproof Level IP67
Camera Angle Adjustment /
Transmission Distance /
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Cable Length 10M
Support System /
Included 32GB Card Contains
Wifi Support No
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