Waterproof Dual-Lens 1080P Industrial Endoscope with 4.3" LCD Screen - 10m Cable & 3.9mm Probe

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  • * 【1080P HD K&F Concept Endoscope】This industrial endoscope is equipped with a 4.3-inch full-color HD screen and advanced sensors to provide clear images and videos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080P pixels, support for taking photos and recording videos, up to 32G TF card (not included) can store pictures and videos, allowing you to view high-definition photos and videos at any time.
  • * 【IP67 Waterproof Camera Probe and LED Lights】This endoscope camera comes with 6 super bright LED lights with 3 adjustable brightness levels to provide enough light for darker situations. The camera probe and LED light are IP67 waterproof, suitable for dark areas, wet or wet areas, etc.
  • * 【Multifunctional and easy to use】Snake inspection camera with flexible semi-rigid cable, ideal for various inspections, such as car repair, industrial machinery inspection, drainage inspection, line inspection, home appliance maintenance, wall structure inspection, sewer inspection, ETC.
  • * 【Easy operation】It can be used after power on, no need to install any APP, which is very convenient. Endoscopic cameras support taking pictures and recording videos.
  • * 【Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery】can work continuously for up to 3-4 hours according to different situations. Package includes: 1x industrial endoscope, user manual, 1x USB charging cable, 1x accessories (including hooks, magnets, protective caps and side mirrors).
Brand Story
Don't need to install any APP, use it after turn on, very convenient
Don't need to install any APP, use it after turn on, very convennient
Slim 3.9mm dia probe - which has a wide enough field of view that is able to detect objects in a small space.
Taking HD photos & recording video, 4.3-inch full-color HD screen - for real-time viewing of test videos and pictures.
Semi-rigid cable - A bendable Hard cable to get into hard to reach places. Make your work easier!
IP67 Waterproof camera probe with 6 LEDs Light - get clear images in dark and wet places, such as engine, pipelines, etc.
2600mAh Rechargeable Battery - after full charged it can work continuously for up to 3-4 hours.
Perfect accessories - Accessories included ( hook, magnet, and side mirror)
K&F Concept Industrial Endoscopy Camera
4.3 inch HD Color Screen
This Industrial Endoscope with 4.3 inch HD Color Screen and advanced sensor provide clear real-time inspection image and video. High resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel, conveniently inspect surface detail.
K&F Concept Industrial Endoscopy Camera
Waterproof IP67
Our camera Len and LED lights are waterproof. This Borescope is suitable for various types of environments, for example, exploring the water pipes, damp or wet areas etc.
K&F Concept Industrial Endoscopy Camera
3 Accessories:
Hook , Magnetic (for picking up objects in narrow places), and side mirror (to investigate the side wall of a drainage pipe,etc)
K&F Concept Industrial Endoscopy Camera
Semi-rigid Snake Cable
Semi-rigid cable can be bent to a different shape or hold its state to reach all corners of your house according to your needs.
K&F Concept Industrial Endoscopy Camera
Adjustable LED Lights
The borescope Camera with 6 adjustable super bright LED Lights, provide enough light for darker situations, provide clear images. for low-light or dark area.
K&F Concept Industrial Endoscopy Camera
2600mAh Battery
Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, which can provide about 3~4 hours working time, comes with a USB cable to charge the endoscope at any time conveniently.
K&F Concept Industrial Endoscopy Camera
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Good camera for inspecting hard-to-reach areas
ordered the Teslong endoscope camera for examining hard-to-reach places. Since I will probably only use it a few times a year, it is perfectly adequate. You can't just compare them to a professional device. It comes in a handy storage case with foam inserts. Operation is clear, self-explanatory and the display is easy to read. The first thing I checked was the drain in the bathroom sink, because hair often gets tangled up in it and clogs it. I have to disassemble and clean the siphon regularly. Now I can inspect the drain with this camera and use the hook to remove any hairballs before they become a problem. After a bit of experimenting with the LED lighting, I got quite good and sharp images, on which you can also see details. The brightness can be adjusted in 6 levels and is completely sufficient. The recordings are stored on a supplied 32GB SD card and can therefore also be viewed later on the PC. The flexibility of the probe hose is pleasant and not too rigid. However, it is difficult to steer, so that it sometimes takes a few tries before you hit the desired position. It can take a while, especially over long distances. The additional lenses are very helpful because you don't have to work with a deflection mirror, as is the case with some competing products. I have no complaints about the processing. There are no sharp edges or burrs.
Good value for money with a great picture quality
I love the picture quality of this endoscope as i was expecting more blurry one for the price.
Is very easy to use and and made my husband very happy when he was trying to fix his car.
Has a long cable and as a bonus you also get the memory card which is very useful
Good value for money with a great picture quality Good value for money with a great picture quality
Good Value Works Great
Got this to find a wiring problem in our house. Rigidity of the cable was up to the task of pushing it through insulation in the wall. Camera image was great, plenty bright and large enough. Wouldn’t mind a shorter focus point but it is as advertised which worked for our needs thus far. Also used it to find a clog in a drain and used the magnet to remove a piece of metal that was causing the problem.
This one will get the job done!
Good Value Works Great Good Value Works Great Good Value Works Great
Great endoscope camera, easy to use
The device does what it is supposed to and with absolutely sufficient quality. The ability to create images and videos is a nice feature that allows you to share the results here. The gooseneck looks quite robust and can be moved using a rotary wheel and this function works just great! The endoscope comes in a fairly sturdy box with a fairly thin molded plastic shell. The device itself is really wonderfully intuitive to use. The swivel head can be easily operated mechanically via the handle. The LEDs can be controlled in 3 brightness levels (and off). Optionally, you can also load the APP "Smart Endoscope" on your smartphone and connect to the endoscope via WiFi and display it on your cell phone. The advantage, however, is that the endoscope does not necessarily require an additional device. A nice feature is the temperature sensor in the camera head, which gets quite warm due to the LEDs, but can of course quickly indicate high temperatures. The device makes a stable and valuable impression and delivers impressively good images with a very wide focus range. The LED illumination is bright and you can see everything very well and record it easily. Camera and display quality are very good. The probe is waterproof. With an articulation of 210° you get a comprehensive impression of the interior. All in all, a beautifully compact, self-sufficient endoscope with a swivel head at a fairly high price when you look at the pure USB or WLAN endoscopes. Operating the pan is very simple and can be operated with one finger on the handle. Clear buy recommendation from me...
Great endoscope camera, easy to use Great endoscope camera, easy to use Great endoscope camera, easy to use Great endoscope camera, easy to use Great endoscope camera, easy to use
Ideal for finding what is behind the plasterboard
We use it all the time when drilling holes in new walls!.
Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy.
This very light and compact endoscope camera comes in a hard case with a foam interior. The cable of the camera is about 5 meters long and has a diameter of 0.5 cm. Contrary to what is stated in the description, the camera is not equipped with 6 LEDs, but with 8. 6 LEDs light up on the front of the middle camera. 2 lights on the sides, each on the right and left. Cameras are also installed here. So you can look down (into the combustion chamber of the cylinder, for example) or switch on the camera on the right or left to look at the walls without having to turn the camera. Very good. The camera has a resolution of 1080p, i.e. Full HD, the recordings are stored on the 32 GB memory card supplied and can be called up at any time. The 4.3 inch display is equipped with hardened glass and is easy to read. The menu is tidy and logically structured. The language, resolution of the recordings, etc. can be set here. There are other LEDs on the side of the device that can also be turned on to act as a flashlight. The integrated 2600 mAh battery is charged via USB-C charging cable. A good choice for hobbyists and mechanics.
Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy. Excellent device in hard case. Includes 32GB memory card. Very easy.
Amazing for tight spots!
ordered it for my vehicles. It's fortunate to be able to see places I couldn't otherwise get to. This unit is well built, sturdy. It comes with a very nice carrying case, a 32GB SD card pre-installed, a USB charging cable to charge the 3000mAh battery which lasts quite a while. I've been using it for over an hour and the percentage hasn't even dropped Head on it, controlled by up and down on the device, very helpful for looking around the area you're in. It has a 5ft length on the camera cable which is semi-rigid so you can position it however you need it, it's IP67 waterproof which means it's perfect if you need to check the plumbing around the house or others Way. Another great feature is that it supports audio which is also amazing as as a mechanic I sometimes need to hear what makes a certain noise. It supports image capture as well as video 720p or 1080p. You can stream from the device to another using the built-in WiFi for easier viewing, but that's not necessary as the built-in screen is phenomenal for viewing. In summary, if you need to take a look at a hard-to-reach spot and see what's happening, I highly recommend you get your hands on this professional tool. K&F Concept did a good job of building a solid unit. I've added a few videos on the picture quality and video quality of some random areas (one of which is my shed outside, inside a soda can, a picture of the unit itself, taken by myself,
Amazing for tight spots! Amazing for tight spots!
Price performance outstanding
I'm very satisfied. The part is very beautiful and takes good pictures. The materials are high quality and the workmanship is great. The little bag is very nicely made.
Price performance outstanding Price performance outstanding Price performance outstanding
Very handy little device that's better than you'd expect at this price
I'd previously bought an endoscope that used wifi to connect to my phone screen using a custom app from the manufacturer, but found that they hadn't updated the app to layer versions of Android, so it's now unusable.

This device has its own screen, so no such concerns. The picture was better than I was expecting, and I was able to submerge the camera in a water tank to discover why a pump was no longer working. This saved me a callout fee for a plumber to come and diagnose the problem, so it has already paid for itself.

It feels like the right sort of price point to pay for a tool that I will only use occasionally. There are some extra little gadgets that clip on to the end of the camera e.g. a hook, a small magnet and a mirror.

There is no pouch to contain the items, but I will just keep it in the box that it came in - it all packs away neatly enough.
Top endoscope camera
Item was delivered very quickly and neatly, item was then inspected. Everything was actually already assembled, memory card was inserted, endoscope already assembled and accessories such as Allen key, small spare screw in a small plastic bag. Switched on, battery and was almost 100 percent charged----- ready for use immediately, endoscope actually very rigid and the function of the LEDs as advertised or advertised. The LEDs on the side can only be activated, as can the camera switchover to the left / right view, by pressing the small push button on the endoscope (USB port on the camera). Provide the screen with a protective film and everything can be stowed away and protected well and securely in an associated case. Image quality for close-ups acceptable to good, but editing options to improve quality .... you can still get a lot out of it using an image editing program (but that's not a point of criticism for me, just a comment) .... but completely sufficient for a quick snapshot, inspection / assessment or short video sequences. USB connection fixed on the camera with a small screw, also has a reason because the cable is a bit rigid, it protects the connection in the camera from accidental loosening or breakage. The small support foot that you can attach to the camera is well intentioned but somehow not fully developed, unless you don't move the endoscope cable anymore, otherwise the camera actually does what it wants....slips back and forth or possibly falls .down Camera settings such as date, time, language, etc. can be set quickly and intuitively. Manual available ..... But you should take the time to check all the functions and familiarize yourself with the camera. If questions arise, the customer service provides or offers very fast and friendly support in a short time.....Great If the quality and customer service remain the same, which I hope, the camera is a clear purchase recommendation for me
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Because there is a protective film on the screen, the stamp is on the protective layer, please don't worry, it is original and never used, all in all, if you have any dissatisfaction with the screen, please tear off the protective film. Tear off the green tab in the corner of the screen. 
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What is hard cable? What is the difference between flexible cables? Semi-rigid cables can be bent and hold their shape to enter a variety of tight places to meet different usage needs. 
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Yes, the camera lens is IP67 waterproof and suitable for various types of environments, such as car inspections, water probes, wet or wet areas, etc. 
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It can be used after booting, no need to install any APP, which is very convenient. 
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Tear off the protective film on the screen, clean the camera lens, on the setting page, set the resolution to 1920*1080, please adjust the led light to the maximum, the endoscope needs to focus, the viewing distance is 4cm-5M, you can find it in Find the best clear distance within this range, 4cm~15cm is recommended, this distance is very clear, and you can even read the words on the manual clearly. 
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Instruction Of Industrial Endoscope(CA)
Resolution 1920*1080
Camera Design 1
pixel 2m megapixels
Camera Diameter 3.9mm
Adjustable LED Lights 6 LEDs
Focus distance 3-10cm
Waterproof Level IP67
Camera Angle Adjustment /
Transmission Distance /
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Cable Length 10m
Support System /
TF card MAX 32G Not Include
Wifi Support /
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