Waterproof Single Lens 1080P Handheld Endoscope with 4.3'' Screen - 1m Metal Cable & 8.5mm Probe & 360° Adjustable Lens Borescope with 32G Memory Card

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Buy 99C$-15C$,199C$-35C$, 299C$-55C$, 599C$-130C$ (Prime Day)
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  • * 【IP67 Waterproof】Different from other non-waterproof products, our camera supports IP67 waterproof, whether it is wet sewers or sinks, it can work perfectly.
  • * 【Bidirectional 180° Steering Lens】Bends 180° easily and freely on both sides, which can bring small probes into tight spaces, and then transmit vivid, clear, all-round videos and pictures on monitor screens and mobile phones at the same time through the cable. It is a recommended tightly curved endoscope camera with light.
  • * 【Utility】Steering Endoscope Camera with Active Head is specialized in evaluating and diagnosing car, car evaporator, engine, carbon, combustion chamber, plumbing or house problems. If you are a homeowner, electrician, mechanic, and especially someone who loves technology, it is your best partner.
  • * 【Large 4.3-inch IPS HD Display】The endoscope inspection camera adopts a 2.0MP 1080 HD 4.3-inch large display with built-in 8 LEDs with adjustable brightness, allowing the front camera to perfectly view the darkest inspection area. This industrial range allows viewing images, taking standard photos and recording videos.
  • * 【High temperature protection】The endoscopy camera is designed with unique temperature protection technology, which can cope even in harsh environments. When the temperature exceeds 95 degrees, it will automatically shut down and play a protective role.
Brand Story
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
Selecting the right Inspection tool for the job is critical - different Levels of A Borescope Why AGC430N is so popular among customers around the world? What’s its special function of it?
The most important thing is that the camera part can be controlled and turned!
Articulation bendable angle: 0°to 180°continuously adjustable and can be locked at any angle. Very easy operation: just push down the release button with the thumb to adjust the articulation angle. Greatly fulfilled the actual needs of customers of inspecting the difficult angles inside a dark closed compartment.
Widely used in NDT and RVI field:
Aviation aircraft, for both general aviation, business aviation, commercial aviation, and military
Power generation and electricity
Energy, gas and oil
Automotive, motorcycles, and boats
MRO services
Industrial facility and building maintenance
Manufacturing, metal machining, tube and pipe
AGC430N Articulating Industrial Endoscope - Bend At Any Angle
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
Look Back Examining the entire cylinder and valves
The articulation engine scope is able to take a close look at the piston and then turn the camera around 180 degrees while inside the cylinder to see the valves at the top of the cylinder.
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
90 Degree Bend
When inserting inside the tube or inside wall where has mainline and branch line, such as plumbing U/H shape pipe. Have ability to turn into the branch line, and won't pass by.
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
Pass Obstacle
The snake camera is 0° to 180°continuously adjustable and can easily go through small blocks.
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
Waterproof and Oil Resistant
Greatly improves the articulating part structure, made from titanium alloy with high tungsten braided wear resistance. The camera probe and insertion tube are waterproof IP67.
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
Rigid Gooseneck Probe
The AGC430N industrial endoscope adopts a metal fiber optic probe, flexible and malleable enough to shape your need, up to 80cm lifting.
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
Locked at Any Angle
The scope camera's direction can be freely controlled by one whirl, and firmly locked at any desired angle.
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
Who will need an articulating Borescope Inspection Camera?
Professionals: Aircraft/automotive mechanics, electricians, engineers, HVAC/machine technicians, building inspectors, plumbers, pipefitters, security and law enforcement officers, locksmiths, serious DIYers.
Regular Person: car owner, the handyman who likes to fix things around the house.
K&F Concept industrial endoscope dual-lens inspection camera
1.Camera Diameter: 8.5mm
2.Articulating Angle: 0° - 180° Two-Way
3.Bending Ratio: 34mm
4.Monitor: 4.3'' LCD color display 5.Waterproof Grade: IP67
6.Light Source: 8 LED with 4 adjustable brightness
7.Camera Resolution: 1920*1080
8.Zoom: 8X
9.Battery: 3000mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery(up to 4h working time)
Additional Functions: Take photos, record videos, saved on 32GB TF card(showed and transferred to customer).
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Great endoscope camera, easy to use
The device does what it is supposed to and with absolutely sufficient quality. The ability to create images and videos is a nice feature that allows you to share the results here. The gooseneck looks quite robust and can be moved using a rotary wheel and this function works just great! The endoscope comes in a fairly sturdy box with a fairly thin molded plastic shell. The device itself is really wonderfully intuitive to use. The swivel head can be easily operated mechanically via the handle. The LEDs can be controlled in 3 brightness levels (and off). Optionally, you can also load the APP "Smart Endoscope" on your smartphone and connect to the endoscope via WiFi and display it on your cell phone. The advantage, however, is that the endoscope does not necessarily require an additional device. A nice feature is the temperature sensor in the camera head, which gets quite warm due to the LEDs, but can of course quickly indicate high temperatures. The device makes a stable and valuable impression and delivers impressively good images with a very wide focus range. The LED illumination is bright and you can see everything very well and record it easily. Camera and display quality are very good. The probe is waterproof. With an articulation of 210° you get a comprehensive impression of the interior. All in all, a beautifully compact, self-sufficient endoscope with a swivel head at a fairly high price when you look at the pure USB or WLAN endoscopes. Operating the pan is very simple and can be operated with one finger on the handle. Clear buy recommendation from me...
Great endoscope camera, easy to use Great endoscope camera, easy to use Great endoscope camera, easy to use Great endoscope camera, easy to use Great endoscope camera, easy to use
Large display and good picture quality
The quality of the endoscope is very good and the images are easy to see.

The large display is very practical because you don't need your cell phone to mirror the camera, as is the case with other endoscopes.

In addition, the endoscope has a rechargeable battery, an SD card slot to be able to store the recordings directly on the SD card and 2 cameras, one on the side and one at the top, so you can endoscope very comfortably, especially in the engine compartment of the car.

The cable is long enough.

I recommend the endoscope to everyone who likes to screw on the car, it is very practical.
Amazing for tight spots!
ordered it for my vehicles. It's fortunate to be able to see places I couldn't otherwise get to. This unit is well built, sturdy. It comes with a very nice carrying case, a 32GB SD card pre-installed, a USB charging cable to charge the 3000mAh battery which lasts quite a while. I've been using it for over an hour and the percentage hasn't even dropped Head on it, controlled by up and down on the device, very helpful for looking around the area you're in. It has a 5ft length on the camera cable which is semi-rigid so you can position it however you need it, it's IP67 waterproof which means it's perfect if you need to check the plumbing around the house or others Way. Another great feature is that it supports audio which is also amazing as as a mechanic I sometimes need to hear what makes a certain noise. It supports image capture as well as video 720p or 1080p. You can stream from the device to another using the built-in WiFi for easier viewing, but that's not necessary as the built-in screen is phenomenal for viewing. In summary, if you need to take a look at a hard-to-reach spot and see what's happening, I highly recommend you get your hands on this professional tool. K&F Concept did a good job of building a solid unit. I've added a few videos on the picture quality and video quality of some random areas (one of which is my shed outside, inside a soda can, a picture of the unit itself, taken by myself,
Amazing for tight spots! Amazing for tight spots!
Everything OK
I am very happy to have purchased this product, I use it regularly for car repairs
Price performance outstanding
I'm very satisfied. The part is very beautiful and takes good pictures. The materials are high quality and the workmanship is great. The little bag is very nicely made.
Price performance outstanding Price performance outstanding Price performance outstanding
Camera with sharp bright image
Compared to my previous inspection cameras, the K&F Concept camera has an extremely bright and sharp image. Saving the images on the attached card is done at the push of a button without fiddling. The brightness of the sides and front camera is dimmable. The focus of up to 10 cm is good, with which larger caverns can also be inspected. The side camera also has a positive effect here. It is no longer necessary to put on a mirror, the magnet is too weak for me. Overall a very good buy, especially considering the price and the good functionality.
Top Endoscope Camera - User-friendly
The endoscope camera from K&F Concept is well made and is of good quality overall. The scope of delivery includes the endoscope camera and a description. The endoscope camera is easy to hold, has little dead weight and is very easy to handle. The screen can be tilted so you always have a good view. In the settings menu you can e.g. select the desired language, everything is clear and easy to understand. The endoscope camera is designed to be very user-friendly, the camera can be rotated 210° without much effort, all you have to do is turn the front dial. The 5.0'' HD LCD screen is very clear and the size is absolutely sufficient. The camera offers high-resolution image and video recording, which is stored on the internal TF card. When recording a video, the image and sound are recorded. The size of the memory card is 32 GB, which should be enough for a large number of shots. But there is also the possibility to connect to your own smartphone via Wifi and save and share recordings there. All you need is the Smart Endoskop app, which can be used free of charge. With a video recording, there is also the possibility of audio recording. The endoscope camera from K&F Concept convinces with a reliable functionality, the brightness is easy to control, the camera is easy to control. The recordings and live images are pin-sharp and reproduce the smallest details well. Overall, I think the endoscope camera from K&F Concept is well designed. The quality and workmanship are neat, the functionality is optimal and reliable. Due to the good properties, I can therefore highly recommend the endoscope camera from K&F Concept.
Top Endoscope Camera - User-friendly Top Endoscope Camera - User-friendly Top Endoscope Camera - User-friendly Top Endoscope Camera - User-friendly Top Endoscope Camera - User-friendly Top Endoscope Camera - User-friendly
great quality
I'm thrilled, had previously ordered a cheaper camera, but the additional price was worth it. no comparison to the other camera
A great device
Something was leaking from my quad and I just couldn't find the spot where it leaked out. I had already seen an endoscope camera from a friend, but it was all connected to the cell phone via an app and that didn't convince me at all. So I looked here at Amazon for alternatives and then came across the ILIHOME endoscope camera, the reviews were good and the most important thing for me, it has its own display and does not have to be used with the cell phone.
And I have to say it keeps what is promised. I found my leak thanks to the camera and the operation is also child's play. It is ideally suited for use around my quad and car, the picture is perfect and it's just fun to work with it.
The ILIHOME endoscope camera is a great device for the automotive sector and for working in places that are difficult or almost impossible to access and should not be missing from any screwdriver or hobbyist in the workshop.
I would buy it again and again and can therefore only make a clear purchase recommendation.
Very powerful endoscope camera. Saves a lot of time and therefore money.
The K&F Concept endoscope camera can be flexibly rotated through a 180-degree angle and can thus take live recordings from otherwise completely inaccessible places. Water resistance is at the top of the list of requirements. With IP67, the 4.3-inch camera also masters water resistance with flying colors. The 8 LED lights ensure that the waterproof pipe camera (IP67) provides a well-lit video image. The price of just under 300 euros (as of October 4, 2022: 299.99 euros) is certainly steep at first glance, but as soon as you have used the endoscope camera from K&F Concept, you save so much valuable time that the purchase quickly pays off. For example, anyone who has a small business and regularly has to carry out repairs on equipment that is very difficult to access will really enjoy this endoscope camera from K&F Concept.
Very powerful endoscope camera. Saves a lot of time and therefore money. Very powerful endoscope camera. Saves a lot of time and therefore money.
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Our wireless endoscopic cameras work with cars/vehicles. Like carbon deposits on line valves, removing missing bolts in engine compartments, inspecting cylinder walls and pistons, gearboxes, exhaust pipes, etc. 
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Our wireless endoscopic cameras work with cars/vehicles. Such as carbon deposits on piping valves, removing missing bolts in engine bays, inspecting cylinder walls and pistons, gearboxes, muffler pipes, etc. 
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Description Of Endoscope
Resolution 1920*1080
Camera Design 2
pixel 2m megapixels
Camera Diameter 8.5mm
Adjustable LED Lights 8 LEDs
Focus distance 20mm-100mm
Waterproof Level IP67
Camera Angle Adjustment 360°
Transmission Distance /
Battery capacity 3000mAh
Cable Length 1M
Support System /
Included 32GB Card Contains
Wifi Support /
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