37mm Polarizing & Variable ND2-ND32 (1-5 Stop) Filter 2 in 1 Nano-X Series - No "X" Spot Weather Sealed

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  • * 【ND & CPL filter 2 in 1】One filter has both of CPL and varaible ND filter function,save your time to replace two filters; it can not only reduce the amount of light entering the lens but also darken skies, manage reflections at the same time.
  • * 【No “X” cross on images】Say goodbye to the "X" cross on images, K&F utilize cutting edge technology you're going to say goodbye to this common issue with wide angle lenses and variable ND filters.
  • * 【Material】Made by completed professional optical glasses, Multi-layer coating, only allows 0.7% light transmittance and waterproof, scratch-resistant, which could protect your valued lens.
  • * 【Filter Frames】Filter Frames made by aluminum alloy, the serrated design of the edge of the frame makes it easy to install. There is 5 mark from Min to ND32 on frame, It is convenient for you to sure the ND filter stops.
  • * 【Note】 Please verify your camera's lens thread size(usually marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath the lens cap) before ordering. The number is always preceded by a "ø" (diameter) symbol.
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K&F Concept Variable ND2-ND32 (1-5 Stops) & Circular Polarizer Filter Function 2-in-1 with 28 Multi-Layer Coatings for Camera Lens
K&F Concept Variable ND2-ND32 (1-5 Stops) & Circular Polarizer Filter Function 2-in-1 with 28 Multi-Layer Coatings for Camera Lens
Variable ND2-ND32 : Provides 5 stops adjustable, from ND2/ND4/ND8/ND16/ND32, wide application scope.
CPL Filter : Generally be used on enhance color and contrast , especially for on white cloud and blue sky photography.
Why You Need a Tripod?
28 Multi-Layer Coated
28 Multi-Layer Coated
Both sides of the glass with nanometer coatings , waterproof, scratch resistant at the same time ensures high definition quality and first class of the photos quality.
Variable ND & CPL Function 2-in-1
Variable ND & CPL Function 2-in-1
Combined variable nd and cpl function into one filter, can achieve the nd filter and cpl filter features as the same time, no need to screw two filters again. Rotating the nd filter to control the light enter in lens, creats silk smooth object movements. CPL filter for enhance the color and contrast.
No "X" Cross on Images
The self-frame lock technology , while rotating to the Min end or ND32 stops, perfectly avoided the dark "X “ cross on wide-angle lens.
28 Multi-Layer Coated
Variable ND & CPL Function 2-in-1
Variable ND & CPL Function 2-in-1
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Quality casing. ND+ polarizing filter works exceptionally well.
52mm ND2-ND32 (1-5 Stop) Variable ND Filter and CPL Circular Polarizing Filter 2 in 1 for Camera Lens. What can I say about it? Exceptional. Having the ability to simultaneously adjust the ND filter and polarization without swapping out filters is super convenient. Quick adjustments can make a big difference in whether you get that perfect shot or video pan in the moment. I have a Sony ZV-1 with a 52mm adapter for lens and it seamlessly and smoothly threads on without issue. Although my camera come with a build in ND filter. The K&F takes it even further by along more control of how much light my camera takes in. The polarization aspect of the K&F further expanses on the quality of the picture. Overall, I’m extremely happy with this product.
Quality casing. ND+ polarizing filter works exceptionally well. Quality casing. ND+ polarizing filter works exceptionally well.
For the right job - a good tool at a great price!
To make it short - this combo filter is very good value for money, as long as you're getting it for the right reasons. While not quite up there with "pro-level" filters in terms of quality, it does a great job for what it is.

Firstly, the main appeal of this filter is combining CPL and variable ND functions onto one - which saves you from having to stack multiple filters (which may end up not working well together) and makes for one less piece of glass between your lens and your target. I've noticed no flaws whatsoever in how the two functions work together - no Xs, no artifacts. The CPL part of the filter is very, very good. The variable ND part is... fine. Better than a lot of filters in this price range. There is still a slight brownish cast from it, but it's totally consistent and very easy to correct in post-processing. Just don't expect stellar results right out of the camera, without a couple of clicks' worth of extra work!

In terms of filter factor, it's more or less spot on - it's a little bit more than 1 stop of light at the lowest setting (ND2), but at the highest setting it seems to be pretty much exactly 5 stops of light - not the 5 and a half you'd get if you took an ND32 filter and put a CPL over it.

However, the real question is: do you need this filter? Because the max setting of ND32 is generally a bit too light for landscape photography off a tripod (you'll want an ND64 or even ND100 filter there). For longer telephoto lenses (over 200mm focal length), you really don't need this kind of filter for the obvious reason that you're not likely to be getting too much light. For wide-angle lenses, the CPL portion makes it a complete no-go - on anything shorter than 35mm focal length, it'll completely mess up your image with those uneven shadows (not the filter's fault - but CPL is really not designed for that).

So, what is this for, exactly?
Well, I can't speak for video usage - but in stills photography there's one area where this filter really excels, and that is for handheld shooting in bright daylight conditions with large, wide-aperture lenses at the higher end of portrait and lower end of telephoto: in other words, lenses between 80mm and 200mm focal length and f/2.8 or less when wide open. This allows you to really control and thin out your depth of field and shoot at shutter speed that will minimize noise, while being able to control more of the stray light from reflections thanks to the CPL.

I use it for creative photography with just two such lenses, both totally manual: the Samyang 135mm f/2, and the Helios 40-2 (85mm f/1.5). It is very handy with both, really hits a sweet spot for usability despite how bulky those lenses themselves are, and really brings out the kind of extreme subject isolation and bokeh both of them are capable of. So, if you own monster prime lenses of that kind (between 80 and 200mm, f/2.8 or less) - this is a great filter you really will find useful. But beyond those? Might be worth checking something else!

Otherwise, my only other criticisms are about ergonomics: the filter uses some kind of non-standard thread on the outside, and has too little thread left anyway to screw anything over it - so if you were thinking of putting a hood or any other sort of attachment over it, you'll have to forget it. And on too of that, the little "handles" for controlling the ND variation stick out just a bit too far from the body of the filter... so you can't really attach a lens hood behind it either, save for a flexible rubber one - and even then, the "handles" will likely deform it a bit. Long story short - expect this filter to always end up on the very end of your optical train, and expect to have trouble even fitting a lens cap over it without it constantly falling off. It's not a big deal as far as I'm concerned - but you may find yourself putting this filter on and taking it off to store it in a box every time you go out to shoot. Not ideal if you want to put it on a lens and forget about it.

All in all though, I'm very happy with it! Worthy buy and a handy tool to use.
The BEST automotive lens!
I purchased one of these filters to try it out because I was tired of stacking a fixed ND & a CPL filter.
I fell in love with the results & bought 4 more in various filter thread sizes so that all my lenses had one of these CPL+VND filters available without the need for a step up ring.
100% worth the investment for both photo & video of automobiles or really anything that would benefit from having this level of control over both your ND & CPL at the same time.
I use one of these filters for LITERALLY every single outdoor daytime shot not, EVERY SINGLE ONE WITHOUT FAIL.
Can't say enough good things about these filters for my line of work!!!
& yes, I paid out of pocket for all the filters, not sponsored.
The BEST automotive lens! The BEST automotive lens! The BEST automotive lens! The BEST automotive lens!
Pretty good ND Filter and CPL for Micro Four Thirds
Very nice to be able to adjust both the ND and CPL from one filter. You do need to be careful though as adjusting the ND Filter can also accidentally turn the filter, unintentionally adjusting the CPL.

Works great on my Panasonic GH6!

The GH6 lens cap kind of works on there, but there is not a lot to grab on to. I'd recommend a 67mm lens cap, which will work perfectly. I got this cap https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J6ZKOSM and it fits very well.
I really got some great pics with this duel filter while on a trip to MN. I really have enjoyed it so far.
Not To Be Missed
This has made life so much easier. A fantastic bit of kit and highly recommended
A good versatile filter
Great filter I didn't find any color cast used on Canon L series lenses, no issues, only thing I found is that the rings are a little tight but will likely wear off over time.
Great solution on a budget for long exposures
This is one of the best purchases I've made lately, and I have no hesitation in recommending it, especially for travel photographers who are committed to bringing as little camera gear with them as possible. Though sometimes it's better to wear less, but there are things I just can't live without. Filters are one of the accessories that I often carry with me because they are indispensable for my landscape photography. My first impression of the filters is that they arrive nicely and safely packaged. They are packed in a cardboard box and the filter itself is in a hard plastic box inside the box. Except for the circular polarization filter, the frames of all filters are made of an aluminum alloy (the polarization filter is made of an ultra-stable magnesium alloy).
Great solution on a budget for long exposures Great solution on a budget for long exposures Great solution on a budget for long exposures
Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule
The metal variable ND filter helps with long exposures and helps reduce some levels. Of course, it is not as strong as an ND 1000, but for shots that are not taken with direct sunlight, it is enough to gently draw water, for example. The processing is top and you can get great photos with it. Includes a cleaning cloth and a super case in which the ND filter does not suffer any damage. (If you don't know: your lens diameter is right on your lens). The filter is also perfect for using DSLR /DSLM to meet the 180° protection rule when shooting. We are convinced ! Simply unscrew the ND filter - done! The lens protection cap also fits
Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule Superior processing and help with the 180° debris rule
Double profit and addition to your photography
Excellent buy for my camera. I must recommend this. Easy to assemble, easy in use and great enhancement to your photography. With this, I got excellent landscape picture with balanced brightness and clear details of sky & clouds. ND filter adds advantage over waterfall pictures. love it !
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Hi, this ND filter has 5 stops from 1-5 , thanks. 
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The Olympus 100-400mm IS lens size is 72mm, please reconfirm the number mark as "ø" (diameter) symbol, if the number is 72, just need to order same 72mm size filter ,thanks. 
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Hi, in wide-angle lens if on the most darkness stop , suggesting focus length is 20-24 for avoiding vignetting. 
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