4G solar security camera System Wireless LTE cctv solar camera PIR Motion Detection 2-Way Audio Built-in Battery 10400mAh 2K Infrared Night Vision 20m/65.6ft US Version

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Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy now in the K&F Concept 4G solar security camera ► 30 Day No Reason Return ► Solar & Battery Powered / PIR Motion Detection ► Fast Shipping From CA Free ► 2K Infrared Night Vision 2-Way CAdio CA Version Series
  • KF50.0009AUS
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Money back guarantee
30-day refund or replacement
30-day refund or replacement
Secure Payment
Multiple payment options
Multiple payment options
  • * 【PIR Human Detection and Instant Alerts】PIR sensors and AI humanoid detection alarms are used to detect human bodies more accurately and reduce false alarms caused by light or insects. Supports instant alerts and logging. You can instantly see what's going on from your phone..US sim 4G card support carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile
  • * 【Uninterrupted Power Supply and 360° Full Coverage】The 4G solar security camera is equipped with a solar panel, and the built-in 10400mAh battery provides uninterrupted power, no need to remove the camera from the roof to charge. It achieves 355° viewing through 355° horizontal and 100° vertical rotation, 4X digital zoom, and 360° without blind spots. Application: Ubox APP
  • * 【2K Full HD and Spotlight Color Night Vision】K&F Concept 4G Solar wireless security camera outdoor equipped with 3.6mm lens, provides 2K HD decent images and videos. The built-in spotlight flashes bright light to switch to night vision mode, helping to see true-color night vision in real-time and see-through darkness up to 98 feet even in very low light conditions.
  • * 【PIR Human Detection and Instant Alerts】PIR sensors and AI humanoid detection alarms are used to detect human bodies more accurately and reduce false alarms caused by light or insects. Supports instant alerts and logging. You can instantly see what's going on from your phone.
  • * 【Optional Storage and Data Encryption Protection】The K&F Concept 4G LTE solar battery-powered outdoor security camera can be used for cloud storage or MicroSD card (up to 128G, not included) to provide you with flexible ways to save data. You can freely stream videos anytime, anywhere via the cloud (with an additional subscription fee). Mobile apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store/Google Play
&FREE Shipping to Canada
Brand Story
4G Solar Cell Outdoor Camera Color Night Vision
4G Solar Cell Outdoor Camera Color Night Vision
· 8W high-efficiency solar panel with adjustable angle.
· Built-in 10400mAh high-capacity power battery storage.
· HD 2K all-round coverage of any corner Pan 355°Tile 120°
· Local TF card slot & cloud storage, support Class 10 8G to 128G (not included)
· IP66 waterproof, weather resistance from -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Why choose 4G Solar Security Camera:
Why choose 4G Solar Security Camera:
1. No wiring, save money: 4G solar security cameras can get the job done without connecting cables to remote areas, saving you a lot of money and trouble.
2. No need for a WiFi network: One of the biggest advantages of a 4G solar security camera is that it is independent of a WiFi network, and it does not need to transmit video by wire or wireless at all.
3. Sensitive to motion: built-in PIR motion sensor + Ai humanoid detection alarm, reducing a large number of false alarm natural elements.
4. Remote real-time viewing and notification: Support remotely viewing and control the direction at any time with the UBox APP
PIR motion detection and alerts
PIR motion detection and alerts
Get active alerts when something unusual happens so you know if anything happens while you're away
Solar powered 100% wireless
Solar-powered 100% wireless
Built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery and 8W solar panel, no need to worry about battery life and low power, keep it fully charged, and achieve 100% wireless outdoor safety.
two-way talk
Two-way talk
Built-in enhanced microphone and speakers make it easy to communicate even when you're outside.
SD card storage and cloud storage
SD card storage and cloud storage
Support SD card storage, up to 128G (not included), cloud storage (optional)
PIR human detection distance
PIR human detection distance
The monitoring distance of K&F solar security cameras is up to 12m/39.37ft and will trigger instant alarm notifications through the APP. The ideal installation height is 8.5-9.8 feet above the ground.
white light
White light
Featuring 4 illuminated LED spotlights, enabling color night vision for clear video recording and 98ft live streaming.
Suitable for home security / farm / construction site, etc. (built-in battery, please charge it with 5V2A adapter for more than 8 hours before first use)
Suitable for home security/farm/construction site, etc. (built-in battery, please charge it with 5V2A adapter for more than 8 hours before first use)
Rating 498 reviews. 455 reviews.
Price C$1,199.99 C$299.99 C$239.99
Model KF50.0009AUS KF50.0019US
Video Resolution
2K 2K
Power Supply
Solar / Built-in Battery Solar power
Built-in Battery Capacity
Micro SD card (up to 128G/cloud storage) Cloud storage/micro SD (maximum 128G)
Pan & Tilt
Horizontal 355°/Vertical 120° Horizontal 355°/Vertical 90°
Motion Detection
Motion Detection Range
10m/32.8ft 10m/33ft
Waterproof IP Rating
IP66 IP66
Night Vision
Night Vision Full Color Night Vision/Infrared Night Vision
Night Vision Range
20m/65.6ft 10m/33ft
Alarm Method
× Sound and light alarm
Two-way Talk
Connection Method
(4G LTE) 4G
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Very impressive 4G-LTE camera
K&F Concept Outdoor Home Security Camera Wireless WiFi Solar Powered Panning 355° View Spotlight PIR Motion Sensor Super HD Night Vision 2-Way Talk IP65 Waterproof Very nicely presented in the box. Inside the box is 1 CCTV camera with screws and raw anchors. 1 solar panel with Type-C cable. 1 bracket with screws and raw dowels. 1 user manual with installation guide. 1 Type-C charging cable with small holder. 2 paper/sticker templates to attach to wall. The app is very easy to set up and straightforward. Once the camera is charged via the USB plug, it can be mounted with the solar panel. The app and CCTV camera are set up over WiFi and a 4G connection. The camera quality is razor sharp and very clear. The app is very user-friendly and offers many ways to operate the camera from your phone. The app allows other devices to be linked to the camera so other family members can connect. The build quality is of a very high standard. The camera's front light is super bright for perfect night vision. Mounting and installing the camera and solar panel is very straightforward using the two paper/sticker templates. The manual is clear and makes the setup process very efficient. (It is recommended that the camera be fully charged prior to installation to allow the solar panel to maintain power for camera operation.) Overall a very impressive and high quality CCTV camera, very well packaged and very well put together. The manual is clear and easy to follow. The app is easy to set up and very user friendly. We recommend
Excellent option when a power cord cannot be used
already have several security cameras that are powered off via a hole drilled through the wall, but I wanted a camera in the back of our house and the only mounting location that would do the right recording area is not to have a power source available so I needed a fully wireless camera as this came complete with a solar panel which reduces the number of charges required which I ordered. When opened, this security camera kit comes with everything needed to install it on a wall, post or fence. The main camera is a separate unit from the solar panel. If the camera is shaded, the solar panel can still be positioned on its own mount facing the sun. A small cable connects the two units. Build quality is about average so I would put this in the range of a budget camera that says it's waterproof so it can be used all year round. I cannot comment on value for money as this is listed as unavailable at the time of writing. I would recommend doing a full charge via the USB cable before attaching and setting up. Then the solar panel should help maintain the battery level depending on the position and the number of sunny days. I've found that the solar panel doesn't work at all on cloudy days, so a lot depends on where you live and if it's south facing. Once the camera has been powered on, it can be paired and set up in the free app that can be downloaded onto a smart device. I had no problems pairing at all, although I did this before taking the camera outside to be mounted so it was close to my router and phone. That way I would recommend it. As this is a battery powered camera, many of the normal options that come standard with an AC adapter are not available. Most of these are designed to increase the amount of time between charges. The main feature not available on a battery camera is the ability to take steady shots, which is understandable as that would drain the power pretty quickly. The recordings for this are all made from the motion sensor which, when triggered, will start recording for a set time. Movement and recording times, as well as various other options, can be accessed through the app. I always prefer recording locally to the cloud, so I fitted a 128GB SD card and formatted it ready for use. If required, this provides the option for cloud recording at a low monthly cost. Since this is a PTZ camera, it can be panned and tilted in any useful direction from the smart device. The image can also be zoomed but I find the quality drops so I wouldn't normally use it. Overall this is a very nice budget security camera kit with the added benefit of including a solar panel which reduces the number of charges. This must be taken into account when comparing prices. The HD picture is at 1080p and streams over 2.4GHz WiFi without too many hiccups, this depends on the router setup of roughly. Along with a fairly decent daytime image, this also has an automatic night mode using infrared, which again is clear enough to be able to spot identifying features if needed. I found this to be far better than some other budget cameras I've used that could only see at night what I could see looked like blurry ghosts lol. If you can't run from mains power or just need the convenience of a cordless option, you can't go wrong with this set. However, I will say that a mesh option is always the best way to go, if at all possible.
Outdoor 4G LTE Security Camera A solid performer with an integrated power source.
The K&F Concept KF50.0009AEU is an outdoor security camera with full control over a wireless connection. It is powered by an internal lithium battery that can be charged with the included solar panel. The lens mount is motorized, allowing remote control of horizontal and vertical movements, as well as zooming in and out. The integrated power source offers a degree of independence when choosing the location of the camera. I placed our sample on a post in the yard, quite high up, and pointed at the lawn to record wildlife, especially at night. The plastic bracket is simply attached with the supplied screws. Masonry requires the use of a drill and dowels (preferably better ones than the cheap examples in the kit). I similarly mounted the solar panel under the camera, using the swivel mount to set it pointing slightly up to harvest as much sunlight as possible. It could be placed away from the camera. The 3-meter line offers a lot of flexibility in this regard. It connects to a USB-C socket underneath the device. An alternative power source could potentially be used when sunlight is scarce but the body of the plug is a bit too small and the socket is rubber encased to keep moisture out so a suitable cord is needed. Before all this, the first task is to connect the camera to the home WiFi and download the Ubox app on a smartphone. It's pretty normal for this type of device. I would have liked to use the camera via PC, but it doesn't support Windows. The only option is to use the android app in an emulator or maybe use a windows program with multiple factory cameras. This requires some knowledge and effort, and the camera may need to be set up in the manufacturer's app first to get the necessary details. The camera can be set up with either a sound signal or a QR code. I had trouble with the former, but the QR code worked right away. The textbook clearly took some effort, but some of the English language is hard to follow. The camera has all the typical features that appear in the list. The app is fairly easy to navigate, but not perfect. Recordings can be viewed after a short connection delay. They can be stored on an SD card in the camera or in the cloud (requires subscription after free trial). The recording quality is very satisfactory and I found this camera generally capable. I'm still trying to line up shots longer than a few seconds and the battery doesn't last the night at this time of year. It could be better in a security setting where it doesn't trigger and isn't accessed as frequently.
Outdoor 4G LTE Security Camera A solid performer with an integrated power source.
Worth the money
With crime getting worse in my area, I needed something to protect my family home. So many cameras out there, it was so hard to come back to this camera - I just took the plunge and bought it. I am very happy with the purchase so far. I'm glad I decided to buy this as I know I can protect my home anytime if anyone comes onto my property I have them on CCTV. Additional protection.
Great camera!
The camera makes a very solid impression! Simple and self-explanatory settings via the app! The picture quality is great as is the controls. The solar panel supplies the battery with electricity even when it is cloudy.
Good quality
Nice packaging, quick, quick and easy Very good, easy to install, cool 4g camera, the battery, quick charge, nice shape and color
Good quality
I'm constantly taking trips out of town and have rabbits on the balcony that I can't do without without seeing them. I bought it for her and I am very happy to recommend it to everyone. The installation is quite easy I was also able to connect to the internet but I preferred the SIM card 3 months internet access I think was 23 euros. If I'm satisfied, I buy it online for a year.
Top surveillance camera
The surveillance camera is really great, easy to install and takes very good pictures. The camera is solid and can be easily attached using a template. Then just insert SIM and memory card and off you go. The app is self-explanatory and you can set a lot, for example when it should be active or with light or only night vision. Talking via the camera is also very good and with the alarm function everyone runs away. Would buy again at any time . Thanks very much
Better than expected.
Makes a high-quality impression. In HD, the videos are in good quality. Battery is always 100 percent through the charging pen. Motion detector has a good response time. Motion notification comes immediately to the phone.
Great camera fast delivery
First camera was defective. After contact with the seller immediate replacement. Fast replacement delivery. Can you recommend
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Yes, but you will need to contact us to purchase the bracket and extension cable separately, the extension cable is 1.2M. 
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The card required is a nano SIM card, size 12*9mm. 
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The product itself comes with a battery capacity of 10400mAh and is powered via a solar panel, which is fully charged before use. By the way, it does not need to be taken down frequently for charging in summer with sunny places. 
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You need to buy traffic pack by yourself, traffic consumption per trigger consumes about 3M to 5M. 
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Yes. The app can connect to multiple cameras at the same time, it is recommended that no more than forty cameras are connected to one app. 
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Outdoor 4G LTE Security Camera Wireless
Surveillance Cameras
Video Resolution 2K
Power Supply Solar / Built-in Battery
Built-in Battery Capacity 10400mAh
Storage Micro SD card (up to 128G/cloud storage)
Pan & Tilt Horizontal 355°/Vertical 120°
Motion Detection PIR
Motion Detection Range 10m/32.8ft
Waterproof IP Rating IP66
Night Vision Night Vision
Night Vision Range 20m/65.6ft
Alarm Method ×
Two-way Talk
Connection Method (4G LTE)
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