ND64 100*100mm Square Neutral Density Lens Filter (1.8/6 Stops) - Ultra Slim HD 20 Layer Double Side Nano-Coating Waterproof & Anti-Reflection Coating

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Brand: K&F Concept
  • Free Shipping Worldwide. 30 Day No Reason Return. K&F ND64 100*100mm ND64 Square Filter provides 6 f-stop reductions. 2.3mm thickness. Made of top German optics glass.
  • KF01.1146
  • SKU: KF01.1146
  • 72.99
Buy 99C$-15C$,199C$-35C$, 299C$-55C$, 599C$-130C$ (Prime Day)
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  • * ND64 square filter provides 6 f-stop reductions, With only 2mm thickness, No Color Cast, and is made with premium Japanese Optics glass.
  • * Double Thread,20-layer multi-resistant coating technology significantly reducing lens flare and ghosting while making the filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil & dust resistant fit for the rigors of adventure photography.
  • * Multi Layer Coating with metallic alloy film on both sides of clear glass - this coating process produces a true neutral image, free from infrared contamination (flat curve).
  • * Eliminates overly bright & washed-out images and enables longer exposures to capture the beauty of time and movement.
  • * K&F Concept SN50 Neutral Density 4x4" /100mm*100mm, so it Compatible with Cokin Z Series for DSLR Cameras Lens.
Brand Story
100x100mm ND64 6 Stop Neutral Density Square Filter
Made by german optical glasses, reduces the intake of light without affecting the overall color balance.
ND64 filter provides 6 f-stop reductions
HD primary
color glass
High degree
of reduction
High light
Without ND64 Filter
With ND64 Filter
Scratch Resistant
Water will not stay on the glass
Primary color optical glass ND64- double parabolic mirror
Glass mirrors of no double throw, more to longer focal length, are blurred.
Product packaging
Rating 34 reviews. 36 reviews. 47 reviews. 28 reviews. 31 reviews.
Price C$72.99 C$72.99 C$133.99 C$121.99 C$89.99
Model KF01.1146 KF01.1410 KF01.1807 KF01.1456 SKU.1596
100*100*2mm 100*100*2mm 100*150*2mm 100x100mm
Light Reduction Effect Light Reduction Effect Light Reduction Effect Light Reduction Effect
zoom range
Landscape Photography Landscape Photography Landscape Photography Landscape Photography
Nano-X series Nano-X series Nano-X series X-series
light source
1.8(6 Stops) 3.0(10 Stops) 1.2(4 Stops)
Filter Material
Japanese AGC Glass Japanese AGC Glass Japanese AGC Glass Japanese AGC Glass
28 28 28 28
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for the price...
Something to complain about almost always, but in relation to the price offered, everything is really fine! Filters are good. I haven't had any discoloration yet. The insertion is a little heavy, but the glasses will keep it safe. Have nothing to complain about - fits.
Super addition to K&F filters (e.g. ND64)
I bought the filter bag in order to have all the filters on the one hand faster and not to have to search and on the other to save space. The bag is high-quality workmanship and fits perfectly for 100x100mm filters. A total of three (theoretically also four) different filters can be stored in it. So it is perfect for a standard ND filter set (8,64,1000).

Inside, the bag is completely covered with microfibre so that the filters can be transported without further protection. As a smart feature, it has a pull-out mechanism. That is, when you open the bag and pull it on the tab, all filters are highlighted offset so that you can grab it much better and read the label directly.

I have added another glass filter at the same time - ND64. Since I already own an ND8 from another brand as well as the ND1000 from K&F, this was of course still missing in the series. I am on the whole super happy with the quality of K&F. In certain light situations, my ND64 filter goes easily into the green. However, this can be corrected without major problems during image processing. Due to the filter form (no round filter) you also have no problems with vignetting or sloping sharpness. The images are thus almost not affected in the image quality. The processing is top (no sharp edges, stains etc.) and the price speaks for itself.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the entire filter system of K&F and will probably hit the gradient filters soon!
Super addition to K&F filters (e.g. ND64) Super addition to K&F filters (e.g. ND64) Super addition to K&F filters (e.g. ND64) Super addition to K&F filters (e.g. ND64) Super addition to K&F filters (e.g. ND64)
Price Performance top
I've been thinking for a long time if I should get this filter. Ultimately, however, Amazon has no risk and can test them.

Top packed.
Glass filter which is evenly coated.
Leather bag.
I find the bag better than the chunky boxes such as Lee or Haida

slight but really very slight colour changes on the edge.

I'm going to get the other filters to test.
Price Performance top Price Performance top Price Performance top Price Performance top Price Performance top Price Performance top Price Performance top
High quality, yet affordable
I'm positively surprised. Nice that there is such quality at a fair price. The colour deviation is minor and can be easily adjusted in LR, PS or any other program. The handling is very simple, no fumbling action is necessary, which is particularly advantageous in the terrain. I prefer this type of filter especially in bad, humid weather. Unlike screw filters, no moisture can accumulate between lens and filter.
Convincing ND64 Rectangular Filter
Box contents:

- ND64 filter 100 mm x 100 mm
- synthetic leather case for filter 100 mm
- padded cardboard box for filter case

Very high quality 100 mm x 100 mm ND64 filter with a measured thickness of 1.85 mm.
The pictures look very promising even with sharp fixed focal lengths — it's fun to take pictures. For me, there is no reduction in quality due to the filter. Also
noteworthy is the extremely beautiful and high-quality packaging. Here you get a faux leather case, which is lined with fine fabric inside and has 2 magnetic buttons incorporated. This case is in turn in a beautiful padded cardboard box.
Haven't worked with ND filters yet, but I don't know what I could complain here. The price is also extremely fair in comparison. Therefore, full score and recommendation on my part.
Convincing ND64 Rectangular Filter Convincing ND64 Rectangular Filter Convincing ND64 Rectangular Filter
Finally my first gradient filter
I have long played with the thought of buying a gradient filter, whereby I admit prices around the 150 euros have always quenched.

Ultimately, I chose a sales filter from K&F, much cheaper and I would really not be disappointed!

Beautiful transition and
high-quality glass
= high-quality workmanship.

The filter does what it should, it darkens an overexposed sky easily and saves me so much work in the post-processing in Lightroom.

Highly recommended!
Finally my first gradient filter Finally my first gradient filter Finally my first gradient filter Finally my first gradient filter
super filter holder
A clear recommendation for this filter holder!
The range of adapters supplied is very large and very useful.
Great set
Still in the trial phase.
But it makes a high-quality and solid impression and there is the right adapter for every lens size.
Therefore, for landscape photography, quality and durability not yet rated
A perfect introduction to the world of filter systems!
The set is the perfect introduction to the world of filter systems! Anyone who wants to try out landscape photography or who does landscape photography “only from time to time” will not be able to avoid the set. It is solidly built in and even a stay at the beach for several weeks has not been able to harm the filter, posture or adapter wrestling.
Works awesome
It has a good quality and is super finished. The leather bag is very stylish and protects the glass. Got it because I had previously bought a cheap one that had a little purple stitch. But this is perfectly no color cast or anything like that. It darkens the sky super and I would buy it again and again. Back at any time

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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Hi, the case designed for this square nd filter , generally to hold 1 filter , but you can try to hold more. 
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Hi, this square nd filter is 100x100mm, if the filter holder support this size filter , it would be ok, thanks. 
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ND64 100*100mm Square Filter 6 Stop ND Lens Filter Waterproof Scratch Resistant
Do you know what process your filters have gone through? let's take a look
How to check your lens size?
Gimbal Stabilizers
Product 0.15%
size 100*100*2mm
Resolution Light Reduction Effect
zoom range Landscape Photography
Screen Nano-X series
light source 1.8(6 Stops)
Filter Material Japanese AGC Glass
Multi-Coating 28
Transmittance 0.0156
Filter Thickness 2.0mm
Shape Square
Ring Material Optical glass
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