GND8 Lens Filter 100*150mm Soft 3 f-stop Square Graduated Neutral Density Filter Multi Coated with Holder Bag

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Brand: K&F Concept
  • Free Shipping. 30 Day No Reason Return. K&F Concept square GND8 filter features nano-coating layer technology and ensures the high sharpness of image. Holder bag included.
  • KF01.1147
  • SKU: KF01.1147
  • 106.99
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30-day refund or replacement
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  • * 【Function】: K&F Concept graduated Neutral Density (ND) Filters allow you to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor on a portion of your picture. This helps control the exposure difference between Highlights and Shadows for a more balanced exposure and dramatic effect.
  • * 【28-Layer Nano Coating】: 28-Layer super anti-reflection multi-coated(water repellent/anti-oil/anti-dust/anti-soil/scratch resistant) Coating Technology to withstand almost any conditions.
  • * 【Material】: With only 2mm thickness and 100*150mm size, No Color Cast is made with premium Japanese Optics glass.
  • * 【Compatibility】: Compatible with Cokin Z-PRO Series, need to work with Z Series holder and adapter ring
  • * 【Application】: Perfect for running Water, River, Waterfall, Cloud, Sun, Solar Eclipse, etc Photography;Reduce Exposure in Selective Area (the light is big different between the ground and sky)
&FREE Shipping to Canada
Buy C$99 -15/ C$199-30 /C$299-55 / C$599 -120
Brand Story
Soft Graduated Neutral Density
GND8 3 f-stop Filter 100*150mm
Soft Graduated Neutral Density GND8 3 f-stop Filter
and is made with premium Japanese Optics glass.
Optical glass
Multi-layer coating
Low reflectivity
and antifouling
High light
Double-sided Anti-reflective Coating
By double-sided multi-layer anti-reflective coating, the reflected light can
be reduced to below 0.4% to eliminate the influence on imaging.
Multi-layer Coating Low Reflectivity
Reduce glare caused by diffuse reflection
Nanometer Coating
Waterproof,Oil Resistant,Scratch Resistant
With GND8 Filter
Fix the exposure transition to render the perfect photo
Without GND8 Filter
Sky transition exposure photo is flawed
Rating 3 reviews. 3 reviews. 35 reviews. 3 reviews. 3 reviews.
Price C$106.99 C$145.99 C$178.99 C$106.99 C$106.99
Model KF01.1147 SKU.1600 SKU.1601 KF01.1168 KF01.1148
100*150*2mm 100mm/150mm 100*150mm 100*150mm
Filter Material
Japanese AGC Glass Japanese AGC Glass Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass
28 28 28
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Warning: Does not fit Tiffen100mm filters.
My Tiffen 100mm filters are a thicker, and do not fit in the holder. K&F's fit well, but I can't inset my Tiffen Pro Mist into this device. Otherwise works okay.
Merci reçue et satisfaite!
not perfact
not very easy to put the adapter into the filter holder. and when it is in, the rotating is not smooth. i tried two adapters, the same.

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K&F SJ51 GND8 100*150mm Soft 3 f-stop Graduated Neutral Density Filter
Do you know what process your filters have gone through? let's take a look
How to check your lens size?
Gimbal Stabilizers
Product 0.15%
size 100*150*2mm
Filter Material Japanese AGC Glass
Multi-Coating 28
Filter Thickness 2.0mm
Shape Square
Ring Material Optical glass