Square Black Diffusion 1 Lens Filter(100 X 100mm)- 28 Multi-Layer Coatings Dream Cinematic Effect Filter

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Brand: K&F Concept
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  • KF01.1845
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  • * Creats Dream Cinematic Effect This black diffusion 1 effect filter could soften the wrinkles, freckles and pores of facial skin, making it more delicate, plump and gorgeous. The hazy film effect can be better realized, showing dreamily effect. Reconmending use it in video shooting and portrait photography.
  • * 28 Multi-Layer Coatings Both sides of glass with waterproof, scratch resistant and oil proof coatings, easy for cleaning. Without any negative influence for the image quality.
  • * Import Optical AGC Glass K&F Concept black diffusion 1 filter Made by Japanese AGC optical glass , multi coatings reduces the transmittance to 74% , effectively reduces reflection of filter surface.
  • * Unique Nanotec The double polishing process ensure the high definition images within 550mm focal length. 100*100mm size square filter can fit most filter holder.
Brand Story
K&F Concept 100 x100mm Square Black Diffusion1 Filter
K&F Concept 100 x100mm Square Black Diffusion1 Filter with 28 Multi-layer Coatings for Camera Lens
Reduces highlights and lowers glare.
The surface high-tech coating is waterproof, scratch-resistant and oil-proof.
Optical glass double-side polishing technology ensures HD image quality.
Soften wrinkles, blemishes, and pores while maintaining skin tone values.
Creates a soft quality of light and pastel effect, delicate and hazy cinematic effect.
Uses the K&F Concept Multi-layer Coating process to protect the filter effect between two pieces of glass, doesn't affect image quality.
K&F Concept 100 x100mm Square Black Diffusion1 Filter
Function: reduces the highlight glaring , soft light and wrinkles to creats dream cinematic effect for images and video.
Applicable scene: portrait photography and family daily video recording
Size : 100*100mm
Material: Import optical AGC glass
Coatings: 28 Multi-Layer Coatings
K&F Concept 100 x100mm Square Black Diffusion1 Filter
28 Multi-Layer Coatings
K&F Concept 100 x100mm Square Black Diffusion1 Filter
Waterproof & Scratch Resistant
K&F Concept 100 x100mm Square Black Diffusion1 Filter
Leather Filter Bag
K&F Concept 100 x100mm Square Black Diffusion1 Filter
Rating 16 reviews. 21 reviews. 47 reviews. 60 reviews. 72 reviews.
Price C$150.99 C$150.99 C$150.99 C$121.99 C$210.99 C$186.99
Model KF01.1845 KF01.1844 KF01.1807 KF01.1147 SKU.1601
100*150*2mm 100mm/150mm
Nano-X series X-series
light source
0.9(3 Stops)
12.5% (GND8)
Ring Material
Optical glass Aviation aluminum alloy
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The effect is very subtle, do your research and don't expect too strong of an effect
In the pictures, the first image is with the filter on, the second one is without the filter. Shot with the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens at f/1.8. The main difference is in the highlights area. Note how there is loss of contrast and a gentle glow effect around the candle lights and around the stronger highlights. Also, there is a very subtle, dream-like haze in the image, the image sort of feels a little bit warmer.

I can definitely see how this filter will have its place in my camera bag.

Quality-wise, the filter is very nicely made. The storage case is hugely oversized. Looks like the same case size is used for all filter sizes. This is suboptimal for the consumer, since there is no reason why I need to find space for the huge case for a small filter.

The retail box is presentable, and projects quality. The whole package would make a nice gift.
The effect is very subtle, do your research and don't expect too strong of an effect The effect is very subtle, do your research and don't expect too strong of an effect
Far exceeded expectations, producing a really nice slightly soft focus.
I really wasn't sure of what to expect from this filter. I mean, I know what it should have done technically but I have been fooled before with poor quality results and not knowing this brand I was prepared to be let down but I certainly have not been. This filter provides a beautifully softening effect that does not so much outright blur but rather seems to maintain a decent focus while creating a very soft hint of haze. It is very delicate and is a really nice tool to have in a portrait photographer's arsenal. It also has a nice effect on candle and sharp points of lights, creating a softened hue or aura around the light source. It looks a little "dreamy", if that helps to paint the picture.

I used this filter with my primary Nikon portrait lens and I intend to continue shooting with it to learn more about it but to this point, it has been a rather exciting discovery.

I will say that, although secure enough, I do find that this filter does not fit my lense threads as precisely as I am more accustom to. Something seems off but they are not binding, so I will leave well enough alone.

I am very impressed with this filter and think it fairly priced.

Definitely recommended.
Filter is fine
The "K&F Concept 62mm Black Diffusion Filter 1/4 Black Mist Soft Glow Diffuser Lens Filters" is fine, but I found with my Nikon lens that it won't screw in tightly (like the threads are a different depth or something). The filter itself was a bit dusty when it arrived, or so I thought. It gives a nice effect on portraits if you don't mind a softer focus effect.
good if you are a creative photographer
If you are into photography and just learning to take good pictures you will come across many jargons and names of accessories. I am using it on my Micro four third camera (Olympus/Panasonic etc) without any issues. Just make sure you are getting it for the camera lens you want to use it on. It does fit a little tight onto my lens.

This is not a daily use filter for me. Only on occasions. Especially when I want to diffuse some contrast and light. As you can see in my pics the difference with and without filter.

I do like this brand and for that reason, I am giving it a 4 star.

If you are into creative photography, this may be a good addition to your lens filter kit.
good if you are a creative photographer good if you are a creative photographer
Great fileter
Great product, you can use it as ND filter as well. Anyway, everything looks much better when I use it while filming, I would love to apply here some youtube videos but damn amazon blocks all the reviews that have links to youtube.
Good results...
Used it on a Nikon D3400 with the 18-55mm, gives great results! Since I was currious to see the result before I buy it, I thought some people would like to see a comparaison of a picture with the filture and an other without the filter...
Good results... Good results...
Stronger than I expected
So first off the quality is excellent and I've been really loving it!

My only disclaimer being that it ended up stronger than I thought it would when compared to other diffusion filters I've seen. What I received feels closer a 1/4 (not entirely) than an 1/8th, so that might be something to consider. That being said, I would love to see a weaker version from K&F and would gladly pick one up.
It's almost half the cost of a tiffen and works just as well. The build is really nice and I love the protective case. Took it to Vegas and took a bunch of shots of Freemont Street at night and they turned out perfect. Great buy
High Quality ND Filter
This is high quality ND filter. And it's package like Giorgio Armani products ;-)
Good quality
this is a great quality piece of glass that comes in a nice solid leather protector. I always wonder why they dont make the same model a bit wider to fill an entire matte box for wider lenses but what do I know Im just the guy who uses these for a living hahaha!

Regardless this is a top quality filter I just hate that I need to always jimmy rig it into a matte box so it stays in place because its never wide enough.
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It contains the adapter to hold the #10 ND filter and a convenient carrying case. I was under the impression that it contained the whole set of filters. There are no graduated filters either. I returned mine. 
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No, it's just the filter with case. But any brand of 100mm square filter holder kit will work (Lee, Kase, Nisi, Tiffen, etc) which accept 2mm thick glass filters. I have Kase one. 
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You have to have the appropriate filter holder for that filter. 
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Yes, it'll fit any 100mm square filter holder; mine is a Kase K-9 one and this ND filter fits perfectly. 
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