77mm Soft Graduated ND8 (3 Stop) Lens Filter Ultra-Clear Optical Glass Multi-Coated

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Brand: K&F Concept
  • 30-day refund or replacement,49mm Soft GND8 Lens Filter Graduated ND Gradient Neutral Density for Camera
  • KF01.1505
  • SKU: KF01.1505
  • 40.99
Buy 99C$-15C$,199C$-35C$, 299C$-55C$, 599C$-130C$
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  • * 【3 f-stops】Grad ND is suitable for large light ratio contrast and adds some darkness to specific parts of an image. For example, the sky can look darkened whilst the rest of the picture is bright, effectively balance the light ratio and contrast.
  • * 【High quality optical glass】 High quality optical glass with 20-layer nano-coating, ensures neutral color balance, excellent image sharpness, removal of ghost images and protection against scratches and dirt.
  • * 【Double-sided polishing】 high color fidelity and scratch resistance, light transmission 12.5%, reflectivity 1.5%, especially in comparison to the otherwise common resin (plastic) filters.
  • * 【Multi-coatings】 The double-sided multi-layer coating and polishing effectively minimizes reflections and is extremely resistant to water, mold, dirt and scratches.
  • * 【Extremely Slim】 The ultra-thin, ultra-light aluminum frame only 5.3mm can minimize the effects on light. Vignetting can be effectively avoided when taking wide-angle shots.
Brand Story
K&F Concept Soft GND8 Lens Filter
K&F Concept Soft GND8 Lens Filter
1.Suitable for large contrast between the sky and the ground. If the ground is irradiated normally, the sky will be severely overburdened. The soft-lens lens can effectively balance the light ratio and contrast.
2.Soft gradual GND8 circular filter, dimming 3 levels (0.9), transmittance 12.5%, reflectivity 1.5%, the anti-reflection rate of the same level in the industry is only 2%, and the plastic resin is as high as 4.5%.
3.The surface of the mirror frame is designed with a CNC trapezoidal pattern to ensure that consumers increase friction in a large area when rotating, and install/remove the lens and other accessories anytime and anywhere.
K&F Concept Soft GND8 Lens Filter
HD Optical Glass
HD Optical Glass
• The material of the filter is top-grade optical glass, with only 1.5% reflectivity.
• "Moldproof", "Waterproof", "Anti-scratch" and "Anti-greasy".
5.3mm Slim filter frame
5.3mm Slim filter frame
• Made of aviation-grade aluminum
• Avoids vignetting in wide angle shooting
• The surface of the mirror frame is designed with a CNC trapezoidal pattern to ensure increase friction in a large area when rotating, install/remove freely.
Double-layer Coated
Double-layer Coated
• High-tech gradual coating technology, uniform and stable color, accurate gears, to ensure no deviation in dimming, and perfect image quality.
• Double-sided polishing ensure the stability of the molecular structure, and will not affect the sharpness on the telephoto lens, ensuring high-definition imaging.
Photos taken by our customers when using the GND8 soft filter
K&F Concept Soft GND8 Lens Filter
K&F Concept Soft GND8 Lens Filter
K&F Concept Soft GND8 Lens Filter
K&F Concept Soft GND8 Lens Filter
Rating 54 reviews. 42 reviews. 50 reviews. 62 reviews. 42 reviews.
Price C$40.99 C$42.99 C$42.99 C$30.99 C$94.99
Model KF01.1505 KF01.1514 KF01.1554 KF01.977 KF01.1853
0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Light reduction effect Light reduction effect Light reduction effect 1 Second Switch/No X cross/Light reduction effect
zoom range
Video Shooting/Landscape& Potrait Photograhy Video Shooting/Landscape& Potrait Photograhy Landscape Photography Video Shooting/Landscape Photograhy
Nano-X series Nano-X series Nano-X series Nano-X series
Filter Material
Japanese AGC Glass Japanese AGC Glass Japanese AGC Glass Japanese AGC Glass
28 28 28 28
Filter Thickness
Ring Material
Aviation aluminum alloy
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Convenient to carry and set up for my travel lens
Light and quick set up. Good quality lens
For this price it is a great piece of kit.
Cuts down on the brightness of the sky though I wish it was darker like an nd16 or 32. Works exactly like it should and rotates easily. Threads up fine and comes off without trouble as long as you work the threads a few time before going all the way on. I use it with the K&F adapter ring set and all is well.
Nice graduated ND filter.
Nice filter. I got this to have an edge during for proper exposure on outdoor scenes without blowing highlights by and it definitely helps me get better exposure. Built quality has been stepped up by K&F for a while now and this is no exception.
Nice graduated ND filter. Nice graduated ND filter. Nice graduated ND filter. Nice graduated ND filter.
Nice addition to my filter collection
This K&F Concept graduated ND filter is a great addition to any filter collection for landscape shots around sunset or sunrise. For the price, the filter appears well made and features smooth threads and fits perfectly on my Sony lenses with or without pre-filters. I did not have any issues with threads as some have reported. The filter features a very soft gradation with a smooth swivel mechanism to orient the gradient as desired. The results will vary as lighting conditions will play a big part in how much this filter will ultimately affect the overall exposure levels. What this does is help balance the stark contrast between a bright sky and dark landscape around the twilight hours to give you enhanced color and definition across the frame. As a recreational photographer I'm looking forward to capturing more sunsets and landscape shots with this GND8 filter.
Nice addition to my filter collection Nice addition to my filter collection
Just what I needed for sunset photography, but has plenty of other applications
I spend a lot of evenings at my local communty park trying to catch sunsets + flowers in the same shot. But I've struggled with proper exposure: either the sunset is perfectly captured and the flowers are reduced to black silhouettes, or the flowers are properly exposed and sky ends up way too bright.

This graduated filter helps solve this problem, allowing me to get a better balance between the two halves of my photos: I put the dark half of the filter on top, and the clear part on the bottom, with the border placed on the horizon. This reduces the contrast just a bit between the halves, and allows me to squeeze out a bit more detail from my flowers without washing out the sky.

But know that this has plenty of other uses that don't require using the horizon as your guide. Any photo where there is a clear line between the dark and light halves of your photo could potentially benefit from the filter.

I've become a fan of K&F filters in general. They are reasonably priced, with good build quality, and a nice "universal" case that can securely hold small and large filters.

This filter won't go with me everywhere, but it has plenty of uses and was worth adding it to my collection.
Value for money is great, I would buy again
I've been taking photos as a hobby for several decades, first analogue, then of course almost exclusively digital for 15 years, i.e. I've seen and tried out a number of photo accessories over the years. With the filter I bought here, three things were decisive.
1. The quality, I've often spent money unnecessarily on useless photo accessories
2. The price, I don't see a reason to spend more money, which you can't see in the photos afterwards anyway
3. The durability and extension of a plug-in filter system
Attached is a picture with the gray gradient filter
All points speak for this product. The filters are quickly attached, make a stable impression and are supplied in a practical case. The plug-in filter system is more than useful for the hobby photographer. In any case, I wouldn't want to be without it in my photo bag. I can't understand the fact that the filters are difficult to insert, which is often criticized here, on the contrary I even find this important because otherwise the filter could quickly fall through. After more than half a year and several sessions, I can only say about the durability of the filters so far nothing is scratched or even broken
Conclusion: Anyone who takes photographs knows that this hobby can sometimes cost a lot of money, and this is often the case with this hobby; "If you buy cheap, you buy twice". However, I don't have the impression with this product that the more expensive competitors, who also offer plug-in filter systems, do it so much better that the surcharge would be worth it here. That's why I can only recommend this system
Value for money is great, I would buy again
Another great new product from K&F
So if you have been purchasing K&F Concepts in 2021 you should be seeing a big difference in the quality of their products. I mean K&F has always been known for making budget gear that was "good enough". But in my onion now, they are actually pumping out high quality gear. This graduated ND is just another example of that.

I saw very little color cast. Yes, there was a bit there as you will get with just about any ND under $300 but it isn't strong and easily fixed. The glass is a nice quality and isn't a super dust magnet. The coating seems to provide a lot of resistance to glare. The coating also seems to make water bead up and quickly get out of the way which I wasn't expecting for a filter at this price point. Build quality is great and the threads are smooth and without any burrs which is something you will see often in super budget filters.

I can't wait to see more future products from K&F. I'm excited they are putting out quality products like this that don't cost an arm and a leg.
Good quality filter that adds nice depth and richness to the sky and clouds
I am a very amateur photographer who loves trying to take nature and landscape photography. This lens filter really added some nice depth to the sky, especially the clouds in my photographs without any editing! It provides nice contrast between the different cloud layers. It comes with a nice hard plastic case for protection and was super easy to screw into place. My only complaint is there are not any marks around the edge of the filter to help you line it up when installing. You need to look at the color gradient on the filter itself to make sure you don't end up with it in the wrong position (see picture 2!). In my 2nd picture you can see where I needed to rotate the filter 90 degrees. Easy fix though! The 3rd picture is with the filter, the 4th picture without. You can see how much richer the sky looks with the filter! Overall I am very happy with this filter and love using it on sunny days with clouds in the sky for some instant added depth and richness!
I am definitely “amateur”, but this is an excellent product.
Good value for the money
Good value for the money and good quality. This saves me the money to buy more expensive filters.
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The lens diameter of Canon 10-18mm is 67mm. This 67mm soft GND8 filter suitable for your canon 10-18mm. 
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Yes, you can rotate it as you like. 
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With a 77mm filter you have to use a lens cap or hood also in the 77mm. 
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Hello! This Soft GND8 filter is made of Japanese Optical Glass (not resin/plastic). 
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