Square Filter Holder System Pro Kit (Filter Holder + 95mm Circular Polarizer + Square ND1000 Filter + ND8 + ND64 + 4 Filter Adapter Rings) for Camera

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Brand: K&F Concept
  • K&F Concept Pro Square Filter System won the iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award. Filter holder can holder both cpl and nd1000 filters. ultra slim frame and large diameter ensures no vignetting on wide-angle lens, rear cpl design for convenient i
  • SKU.1877
  • SKU: SKU.1877
  • 265.99
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  • * 【Winner of IF DESIGN AWARD 2021】Unique Square Filter Frame with95MM CPL, easy to take, no light leakage; The rear CPL perfectly solves the problem of filter stacking and removal. After removing the CPL, the cover can be closed to prevent light leakage.
  • * 【Large-diameter Square Filter Frame】the bracket thickness is 12mm; 91mm large light aperture effectively reduces the chance of vignetting when using an ultra-wide-angle lens. The square filter kit can install 2 square filters and 95mm CPL round filters at a time.
  • * 【Filter includes】Square Filter holder, Square ND8/ND64/ND1000, round 95mm polarizing, filter storage bag, 67, 72, 77, 82mm filter adapters.
  • * 【HD optical glass with multi-coating】 ND filters use imported optical glass, 28-layer nano-coating technology; double-sided polishing process, showing high-definition picture quality, waterproof, anti-scratch and anti-greasy.
  • * 【Filter Functions】ND enables you to control the depth of field and convey movement more easily; CPL can remove glare from non-metallic surfaces.
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Light Reduction Effect/Remove Glare Light Reduction Effect/Remove Glare Light Reduction Effect/Remove Glare Light Reduction Effect Light Reduction Effect
zoom range
Landscape Photography Landscape Photography Landscape Photography Landscape Photography Landscape Photography
X-PRO series X-PRO series X-PRO series X-series X-series
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Very simple bracket
The buckle holder of the adapter ring is very stable. It is great!
ND1000 filter + holder. OPTIMAL!!
High quality materials, reasonable prices! ! The holder and the filter are contained in two well-preserved and padded boxes. The ring and bracket are made of aluminum. Really nice box! I installed it on my Nikon 5600 with no problems. I will definitely buy more ND filters in the future
Very satisfied
Very satisfied
Very easy to use system. The picture quality is really good as far as I can tell. The polarizing filter works very well. Thanks to the adapter, the filter can be used on any lens. Have never regretted the purchase.
Very satisfied Very satisfied
The ideal choice
The rectangular filter is the ideal choice for landscape and architecture photographers.
I myself use a Nikon D4 with an AF-S 24-70 2.8 Nikon lens to test this filter extensively, unfortunately the weather is not that great at the moment but you can already tell a big difference.
Of course you can also say that a simple polarizing filter would be sufficient to be able to display the colors true to nature and without reflections, but with this filter you have even more possibilities to display the horizon more brilliantly. The CPL filter is screwed in behind the rectangular filter and can be adjusted from the lens side using an adjustment wheel with a ribbed surface.
The CPL filter can be adjusted super to increase the exposure time without getting a crossfade of the image.
The rectangular filter holds well in the frame.
With the system, the rectangular frame can be easily removed.
Very high quality ND1000 K&F Concept square filter set consisting of glass filter, filter holder and lens adapters for the filter holder.

The package is divided into 3 parts:
1. a bag with metal adapter rings for lenses with different diameters.
2. a box with the filter and its leather carrying case.
3. a box with the filter holder.

The adapter rings allow us to put the filter holder on any lens, since we have a large number of different diameters. They are made of black metal and well made. With inscription on each ring of the corresponding diameter.

It is a square filter ND1000 100x100 mm and 2 mm thick. It allows us to remove 10 light levels to make long exposures in daylight perfect. In the example photo I posted, it is taken at noon at 30 ". I love the play that can be taken from this filter.

The filter comes in a leather case and is covered with tissue paper. The case is sturdy enough to protect it properly.
The glass is not easily marked by fingers and does not attract dust.

The filter holder is metallic, with the part where the filters rest being made of some kind of very hard plastic. They easily fit two 100x100 filters
Good!! Good!! Good!! Good!!
Excellent quality!
High quality! Great value for money! I will 100% Recommend this product! Fast delivery!
okay for the price
Once assembled, it works flawlessly For the price, more than okay, but assembly a bit fiddly
Quality kit at a very good price
I loved the quality of the materials, all metallic. I looked at many kits but they were all plastic and this one in particular caught my attention from the comments. The truth is that it was a success because any other similar kit does not fall below 300€.The nd1000 optical filter is made of glass and gives a very good quality. The only thing I noticed is that it loses a bit of saturation and the white balance is a little bluish, but when processing the RAW it's easily remedied. You increase the color temperature and saturation and you're done!! (I use a Canon 80d + 16-35 f4's). I imagine each optic will be different. Attached some photos so you can see the difference with filter and without filter. Exposure time on the photo with the 30" filter. If you want to start in the world of filters, for this price don't even think about it. Excellent results.
Quality kit at a very good price Quality kit at a very good price
Nicely packaged and good value!
Came really well packaged and a great value. Filter seems good, no noticeable hues, adapter rings for most size lenses and the metal holder seem durable
Great filter set!
I bought this filter set for landscape photography.

Before that, I had been traveling with a screw set from another company. I was then able to screw that onto exactly 1 lens. (I got it for a 24-105).

Experience has shown that screw filters can only be used in part (in my opinion).
If you use an ND 8x filter, you can safely screw it onto the lens and work with it. However, as soon as it gets higher, the camera is overwhelmed. Setting a focus manually, for example, is an impossibility, with a permanently installed 1000x filter.

This set allows you to set up the camera in peace. To compose the picture, to set a focus. Adjust the polarizing filter. When everything is done so far, you can relax and add 64x or 1000x and take care of the exposure.

The whole set is incredibly easy to use. Each filter is placed in a frame, which in turn has special handles.

The set comes in a handy bag.

I don't really want to talk about space requirements. The screw set is definitely more compact, but handling is simply more important to me at this point.
This kit allows me to mount the filters without leaving grease finger marks on the filter. That's worth more to me at this point.

What I particularly like about this concept is the fact that you can now buy graduated filters and the like at a later date and adapt the set as you like it.
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The adaptor rings that attach directly to your lens are metal. The filter holder that attaches to the adaptor ring is metal. The frame around the CPL is metal. The detachable frames around the square filters are molded plastic. 
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This is possible if you don't have a suitable adapter ring. However, caution is advised when reducing larger lens diameters because of possible vignetting. 
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Unfortunately, only 100 mm wide filters made of glass or plastic with a thickness of 2 mm fit into the holder. I use ND filters 100 x 100 mm and graduated filters 100 x 150 mm. 
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If you don't mind you have a suitable adapter ring. Imidlertid is affixed to be forsiktig når thou reduserer disturbance linsediametre on green of possible vignettering. 
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Desverre passer bare 100 mm brede filtre layer of glass or plastic with a tykkelse on 2 mm inside the holder. Any bridge ND filter 100 x 100 mm and graded filter 100 x 150 mm. 
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A Brand New Pro filter system 7-IN-1 Suit from K&FConcept
K&F Concept 100mm square filter system instructions by David CJ
Do you know what process your filters have gone through? let's take a look
size /
Resolution Light Reduction Effect/Remove Glare
zoom range Landscape Photography
Screen X-PRO series
Filter Material Japanese AGC Glass
Multi-Coating 36
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