94"/4.41lbs Aluminum Overhead Camera Video Tripod With Monopod & 28mm Ball Head 22lbs Load - T254A8+BH-28L (SA254T1)

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Brand: K&F Concept
  • K&F Concept SA254T1 lightweight overhead travel tripod, 94"/2.4m 22lbs/10kg load, features 360° Ball Head & Quick Release Plate for DSLR SLR. Stable & easy to set up.
  • KF09.086
  • SKU: KF09.086
  • 209.99
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  • * 【Transverse Center Column】SA254T1 Central column moves from 0 to 180 degrees, can be rotated 360°horizontally, to realize panorama shooting.
  • * 【Strong Stability】The weight of tripod is 2kg. 25mm large diameter aluminum alloy tube,the load capacity can reach 22.04lbs (10kg), provide security and stability support for your dslr camera.
  • * 【Detachable Monopod】 It can be turned into a lightweight monopod or walking stick alone to make your photography more diverse.
  • * 【360° PANORAMA】The 28mm large KF-28 metal ball head provide 10kg load capacity, it can be rotated 360 degrees, helping to expand dslr camera activity range when panoramic shooting.
  • * 【EASY SET UP】 4 sections tube leg and the max diameter is 25mm; Spiral type locking knob allows you to adjust the working height in seconds; The height without column reaches 67.7'' and the height with 2 sections center column is 93.9'',making standing shooting easier.
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Model KF09.086 KF09.085 KF09.087V2 KF09.096 KF09.079V1 KF09.079V2 KF09.119
Load Capacity
10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22lbs, 5kg/11lbs (Extension Arm) 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22lbs
Maximum Working Height
2385mm/93.90" 1700mm/67" 2000mm/78" 1920mm/75.59" 1830mm/72.05" 1830mm/72.05" 2300mm/90.6"
Minimum Working Height
690mm/27.17" 560mm/22" 590mm/23.2" 615mm/24.21" 600mm/23.62" 600mm/23.62" 665mm/26.2"
Folded Length
570mm/22.44" 430mm/17" 500mm/19.7" 500mm/19.69" 490mm/19.29" 490mm/19.29" 540mm/21.3"
2000g/4.41lbs 1690g/3.7lbs 1831g/4lbs 1845g/4.07lbs 1835g/4.05lbs 1835g/4.05lbs 2022g/4.46lbs
Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnalium Alloy Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnalium Alloy Aluminum alloy
Leg Lock Type
Twist Lock Twist Lock Flip Lock Twist Lock Flip Lock Quick Flip Lock Flip Lock
Leg Diameter
16-25mm/0.63-0.98" 13-25mm/0.51-0.98" 23mm/0.91", 25mm/0.98" (Extension Arm) 16-25mm/0.63-0.98" 16-25mm/0.63-0.98" 16-25mm/0.63-0.98" 16-25mm/0.63-0.98"
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Practical and versatile
In the time that I have used this tripod, it has been comfortable for me, since its size is noticeably smaller than the previous one. It can be adapted to any need and is lightweight. His bag is very practical and resistant.
Practical and versatile Practical and versatile Practical and versatile Practical and versatile
It’s very sturdy and light weight
I ordered this tripod for my overhead shots as of now I love it. It’s light weight and good sturdiness holding my DSLR camera perfectly. I got perfect shots with it.
It’s very sturdy and light weight
Amazing product, extremely well designed.
This company put a lot of thought and engineering into this. It's versatile to say the least.
I purchased this for my astronomy binoculars, and for nature observing. I needed a tripod with stability and adaptability in one product. This is it. Your able to position your camera or binoculars into any position you need with ease. The detachable mono leg is a great feature. If you just want to use it as a mono support, and without having to carry around the entire tripod, it's very simple to do.
I'm very impressed with the construction, look and versatility of this tripod. I will be purchasing more K&F concept products.
Amazing product, extremely well designed.
The Most Versatile Tripod
I love this tripod. It will provide with anything that needs to be possibly get done with a tripod. The horizontal bar rhelpful with all types of photography styles. I would recommend buying this tripod.
The Most Versatile Tripod The Most Versatile Tripod
It Works
it works just like advertised. I may buy another.
Excellent, very robust
Very robust and easy to transport
Excellent, very robust Excellent, very robust Excellent, very robust Excellent, very robust
Awesome Giant of a Tripod
Awesome tripod, I tried it as soon as it arrived and was amazed at how tall it is when full extended, The quality is amazing and it’s super sturdy, comes with a real nice carry bag too, K&F manufacture some really nice products, I’d have no problem purchasing in the future, highly recommend this tripod for quality.
Fully adjustable and extremely useful for my needs
I need to take pictures of various products and graphic items that either sit against backgrounds or lie flat as tabletop photography, and this is an excellent tripod because I can just pick it up and adjust it easily in an infinite number of configurations to suit the angles necessary for a variety of subjects. Very happy with how it secures the phone so there is no vibration to distort the image. Just strong and stable enough, yet easy to manage and rearrange in seconds.
Sturdy tripod.
Great tripod for the cost. The ball head works very well.
Best Tripod that can be raised to 7.8 feet tall!!
This is the tallest tripod I've found on Amazon! The tripod is solid! The price is very good for the size, sturdiness and features that it offers. The bag it came with to transport it is also solid! It's lightweight enough to carry around and yet sturdy enough that I wouldn't feel nervous about setting my DSLR on it. Another great feature is that it has a hook to hook something heavy on it. That will also enhance tripod stability by adding weight when it is needed. I could hang my camera backpack on there and it would work fine to hold the bag and keep it stable. I've had more than my fair share of clueless people who chose to stand right in front of my camera so I get a nice shot of the backs of their heads while shooting video of like say a band or entertainment on a stage, for instance. This will eliminate that problem because at its max height it's way taller than the average American human. So yay! The price is great too for what you get! 2 thumbs way up!

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To hold telephoto lens, it is recommended to use a tripod mount ring additionally for better balance. Meanwhile, it is better to hang some heavy thing to the hook to lower the center of gravity on this tripod to make it more sturdy and less prone to vibrations. 
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K&F SA254T1 Tripod for Canon Nikon Camera Professional DSLR Photography 93Inch Aluminium
K&F Concept SA254T1 Lightweight Overhead Travel Tripod | KF09.086
How to install tripods' Center Column?
Tripod General
Load Capacity 10kg/22.05lbs
Maximum Working Height 2385mm/93.90"
Max Height without Center Column 1720mm/67.72"
Minimum Working Height 690mm/27.17"
Folded Length 570mm/22.44"
Weight 2000g/4.41lbs
Materials Magnesium aluminum alloy
Ball Head Ball Head
Color Orange/Black
Bubble Level
Tripod Legs
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Leg Positions 3
Independent Leg Spread
Leg Sections 4
Leg Diameter 16-25mm/0.63-0.98"
Feet Features Can be reversed 180° and folded
Tripod Center Column
Center Column Features Transverse Center Column, Center Column Inversion
Center Column Sections 2
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